Weekly recaps (10/17-10/30): Just breathe


I've been having a string of those weeks. The ones where I can barely keep up with the breakneck pace of things, where time flies even faster than normal and I'm left wondering how the heck October is over already. 

weekly recap - fall running path

Don't get me wrong. They haven't been terrible weeks. But wow, they've been busy and somewhat stressful, and I've neglected pretty much everything (including this blog) except work and family (although, when he's been home D has been bearing the brunt of family work the past few weeks, too). My work schedule has been completely crazy and kept me preoccupied. There hasn't been time for art projects or designing jewelry or really working on anything else, and I squeezed in my workouts wherever, whenever I could.

One thing that's been fun about my long runs the past two weeks has been D riding along on his bike with the B in the bike trailer. We used to do this before B all the time, but sort of got out of the habit. It's nice to be back doing family ride-runs again. 

Workout summary (10/17-10/23)

  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday: Barre 
  • Wednesday: Easy run - 5.10 miles (8:58 pace)
  • Thursday: Off (crazy day!)
  • Friday: Easy run - 5.02 (8:21 pace)
  • Saturday: Easy run - 8.02 miles (8:27 pace)
  • Sunday: Long, slow run - 11.57 miles (8:47 pace) 


Running miles: 29.71 miles
Total runs: 4
Barre/strength: 1
Total workouts: 5

Workout summary (10/24-10/30)

  • Monday: Barre (barre + extra stretch/yoga)
  • Tuesday: Off (another crazy day) 
  • Wednesday: Easy run - 3.1 miles (8:27 pace)
  • Thursday: Off (yet another crazy day)
  • Friday: Barre (cardio class)
  • Saturday: Easy run - 5 miles (no watch, so tired)
  • Sunday: Long run - 8 miles (no watch, so tired)


Running miles: 16.10 miles
Total runs: 3
Barre/strength: 2
Total workouts: 5

Thankfully, work won't always be this crazy. It just is at the moment because I'm the design lead on a fairly substantial project and our deadline is next week. I'm proud of myself for getting things done (and maintaining my sanity) while dealing with a dog with cancer and radiation treatments plus a hurricane and accompanying evacuation (and strep throat back in mid-September). 

To say October was a crazy month would be an understatement. But in spite of the craziness (or maybe because of it), I logged my highest mileage month since last November and hit my first 100+ mile month of 2016. And while we've still had some humidity here and there, the weather has been generally nicer and my runs have been much better. 

But boy, am I ready for this Disney vacation with my friend. It will be a nice little getaway after wrapping up the work craziness (and after all of the life craziness we've had, too). I designed shirts for us to wear to the Wine & Dine festival and I'm really pleased with the way they turned out! 

T-shirts all ready for our Disney vacation

T-shirts all ready for our Disney vacation

And while I may not have been doing a ton of things other than work and working out, exciting things still happened over the past few weeks. 

First - my most favorite, happiest news is that Miss Meadow Beagle finished her radiation treatments and did so well! All of her clinical symptoms are completely gone and she is like a new dog - running around, climbing on things, jumping, and just generally being happy.

Her oncologist is extremely pleased with her reaction to the treatment and the outlook is as good as it can be for a dog diagnosed with nasal cancer. On her last day of treatment, she got a card from the vet congratulating her for finishing and for being such a sweet little patient.

All Done with treatment and happy to be home

All Done with treatment and happy to be home

Our regular vet has helped us out with forming a holistic treatment plan that combines various supplements and food, and has been successful with other cancer patients in the past. We're giving little Meadow the best chance we can for a longer, healthier life. 

My other news is that I've been accepted as an ambassador for Fun Run Box and that means that you, readers, can get a discount. Use code FRBESOLDO and get 10% off your box. I'll be posting more about it in later blog posts, but for now head over to their website and check it out!

And while we're talking about discounts, if you're in the Charleston area and want to try out a barre class at Barre Evolution (voted the best barre studio in Charleston!), use the CHRISTINEE to get a free class when you sign up online (valid at the Mount Pleasant, North Mount Pleasant, and West Ashley studios).

I've also got a sketchbook full of some jewelry ideas that I really, really, really want to actually make, including the canine cancer fundraiser bracelet and some oyster shell necklaces.  

Freshly Cleaned Oyster Shells waiting to be turned into jewelry

Freshly Cleaned Oyster Shells waiting to be turned into jewelry

So. Now that the craziness of October is over, I'm hoping that the family can settle in and enjoy the holiday season and relax as much as possible. I'm looking forward to the most wonderful time of the year (and maybe some good races, too). 

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