Race recap: Run the Runway 5K

A few weeks ago (a month ago? Time flies!), I ran my third 5K in three consecutive weeks at the Run the Runway 5K at Joint Air Force Base here in Charleston. It was another hot and humid one, with absolutely no shade since we were out on the runway for the entire race. 


My goal for this race was to work on pacing and not going out too fast. I wasn't as concerned about my overall pace as I was about keeping a steady pace for the entire race, no matter what that ended up being. I also treated this as a tempo run instead of attempting to race all-out. It's just too hot and humid to try to do an all out race pace right now. 

I did pretty well with pacing with my first mile being about 10 seconds faster than my last two, so decent, but not perfect. I came in at 24:47 (7:59 pace), which was a little faster than the week before at Floppin' Flounder, but slower than two weeks before at the Green & Lean 5K. The heat and humidity just add such variability to running right now, but I'm happy to have at least been sub-25 minutes this time. 


Other than the nasty heat and humidity, this was a fun one and I saw some runner friends and met a few new ones, too. Post-race we cooled off with giant fans inside the hangar and were also able to check out one of the planes. They give out medals as age group awards, which I like much better than pint glasses or most other paraphernalia, but given the size of the race, they should probably consider 5-year age bands for awards instead of 10-year ones. It was definitely big enough to give out those extra few awards.

I didn't place in this race, but I would have been 2nd had they done 5-year bands. Not a huge deal, but just a nice-to-have extra. As always, I'm more worried about my actual time than if I place because placing really is all about who does and doesn't come out for a race. I have much more control (usually) over my own time and training. 

So overall, a good way to start my weekend with a nice tempo run in the blazing heat. Oh fall, you better be good to me!