Weekly workouts (7/6-7/12): Beat the Heat and 10K training (week 8)

Now that's more like it! This week was a pretty stellar training week. I got in a 4 runs plus several core workouts and crosstraining. Pretty much an ideal week over here since my running also include a killer speed session. If every week looked like this, I'd be a happy girl. The only thing missing was Bodyflow. In a harder training cycle, I'd also like to see an additional day of running and a little bit higher mileage overall, but for summer and my current state of downtime, this was looking pretty good.


7/6-7/12 workouts:

  • Monday: Easy run: 3.07 miles (8:57 pace)
  • Tuesday: 
    • AM: Paddleboarding 30 minute paddle, 30 minute core workout on the board)
    • PM: Track Tuesday - 5 football field-length suicides + CXWorx core workout class
  • Wednesday: OFF/Rest/OMG Tuesday kicked my ass
  • Thursday: Paddleboarding (30 minute paddle, 30 minute core workout on the board) 
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 20 minute HIIT workout + 3 mile watchless recovery run
  • Sunday: Easy run: 5.04 miles (8:58 pace)

Total miles:  Approximately 12-13 (total mileage for suicides was somewhere between 1-1.5 miles) / Total runs: 4 / Total core/strength workouts: 4 / Total crosstraining: 2 

Most of my runs were pretty easy this week and there were no races to use as tempo runs, which was a nice break and probably a good thing because the track session I did was insane. We did five sets of suicides with a 45 second break in between each one. I haven't done those in forever and I've never done them the length of a football field. Holy wow. Those were hard, especially after I had already paddleboarded in the morning, so my legs weren't exactly fresh.  And I accidentally did a longer suicide than I was supposed to in the first one. There were three cones set up and we were only supposed to run to the second (and back), then to the third (and back), but I ran to all three (and back from each one) on our first set. Yikes.

I messed up my watch with the laps and breaks, and ended up having it off for one set but on for the break while I wandered around drinking water. So, I'm not sure of my overall time or distance, but I'd say the first few suicides were in the high 5s/low 6s and the last one where I was dragging was probably in the high 6s/low 7s. I was so done by the last one. But a good workout and I'll be doing those again on my own, for sure. 

Other than that, some good core workouts both on and off the paddleboard this week. Tuesday was my toughest day with paddleboarding, suicides, and CXWorx, so I took a much-needed break on Wednesday. 

Overall this week, I was really tired in general and woke up with migraines two days in a row, so the fact that I had such a good workout week is even more impressive (to me) given how I was feeling overall. I was just trying to sweat out those toxins and add a little bit of sea air and saltwater to the mix. I guess it worked. 

I don't have any races on my calendar until the IOP Beach Run 10K, my "goal" race for this training cycle. The only reason it was my goal race was because of where it fell on the calendar - it coincided perfectly with my summer Beat the Heat training, but I don't have any real time goals or intentions of PRing. It was just to maintain focus on a timeline. And after that, I have a week or two before I really start ramping up to train for the Myrtle Beach Mini in October. And that's when I'll start to worry about goals and PRs and all that fun stuff again. Until then, I'm enjoying my summer vacation.