Around Charleston: Ocean Fitness

It's no secret that Charleston is a great place for water sports and there are a ton of places to go to get your fix of saltwater therapy. One of my favorites is Ocean Fitness on Isle of Palms. 


Ocean Fitness is located right on the Isle of Palms Marina so there are a variety of options for paddling there. You can do a long paddle through the intracoastal waterways to some of the northern islands or you can do a short paddle on Morgan Creek. There are also several paddleboard fitness classes offered, which is what I love most about Ocean Fitness. 

Isle of Palms Marina

Isle of Palms Marina

In the mornings, they have either SUP Core Fitness or SUP Yoga classes. Core Fitness classes include practicing paddleboarding techniques like turning and prone paddling (on your stomach using your arms like you're swimming) along with a core workout on the board (so things like crunches and push ups).

SUP Yoga is exactly what you think it is - yoga on the board. You paddle for about 10-15 minutes to an open area, then they have you anchor down and do a 20-30 minute yoga workout, and then you paddle back. Yoga poses are generally fairly simple ones, like sun salutations, various warrior poses, and then some simpler balance poses like crow. Generally, they'll throw in the option for a wheel pose, too, which I always take. 

Yoga on a board is definitely more challenging than yoga in a studio since every pose challenges your balance, not just the balance poses. But since I have a hard time tolerating hot yoga in a studio in the summer, this is the perfect alternative.

I always tell people not to be intimidated by these classes. What's the worst that could happen? You fall off the board and cool off? That's not so bad, right?

Views from an Evening Fitness class

Views from an Evening Fitness class

If you don't want to take a class or mornings aren't your thing Ocean Fitness also offers sunset paddle tours, Wednesday night social paddles, and evening series paddle fit classes. And you can book a private group paddle session as well. 

As a member of Ocean Fitness (cost=$45/year), I get discounts on classes and paddle rentals. Classes cost $20 for members. If you're a non-member, classes are $38 and that also includes your board rental. 

I'd be remiss in this post if I didn't give a shoutout to Stu, the awesome owner of Ocean Fitness as well as his crew of instructors. If you're looking to try paddleboarding or a fitness on the board class, this is a good place to try it out. The instructors are helpful and thorough and all fitness levels are welcome. 

Where to find Ocean Fitness

50 41st Ave
Isle of Palms, SC 29451