Weekly recap (7/25-7/31): Two steps forward, one step back

After a week or two of feeling good, I got hit with another round of allergy/sinusitis madness. This shouldn't really be a surprise because I haven't done allergy testing yet at the specialist and I'm not on any kind of treatment other than what I've been using for a while (which obviously doesn't work as well as it should). I was hoping it wouldn't come back, but without solid treatment it will. 


While I tried to tough it out and deny I was getting sick, by Saturday my symptoms were undeniable and clearly not going to go away on their own. I was non-functional with intense face and head pain and pressure, rainbow colored snot (YUM!), a cough, and a sore throat, so I had to get some antibiotics. I didn't get any steroids this time since my lungs and asthma are good (YAY!) and the steroids would also mess with my upcoming allergy testing. I have another week and a half until allergy testing and hopefully once we figure out my specific allergies, I'll get the long-term relief I'm so desperate for. 

Other than illness, my week was fairly uneventful for the most part. Uneventful weeks are good, especially considering the tumultuous months I had for the first half of the year!

Workout summary

  • Monday: Intentional rest day
  • Tuesday:  Off (sickness setting in) 
  • Wednesday: Paddleboarding/Yoga on the board
  • Thursday: Tempo run (treadmill/indoor track) - 4 miles (7:47 pace)
  • Friday: Barre class
  • Saturday: Sick
  • Sunday: BodyFlow class


Running miles: 4 miles (blah)
Total runs: 1 (ugh)
Barre/strength: 1
Yoga/BodyFlow: 2 (counting SUP yoga)
Crosstraining/SUP: 1
Total workouts: 4

D was gone for most of the week, so it was just me and the little bean. We had a painting party two nights in a row and he sang his little heart out while he painted (totally my kid). While he was "whooshing" and dotting (and counting his dots) with his paint brush, I did an abstract painting of lampwork beads. I love using lampwork in jewelry designs - the colors are so intricate and vibrant - and I thought they'd make a fun subject for a painting. I'm now planning on doing a series of them. 

B's paintings ended up with a very autumnal palette. I think it's his way of rebelling against this crazy heat (yes, we're still in triple digit heat indexes here). 

B's watercolor paintings - very Fall-LIke colors

B's watercolor paintings - very Fall-LIke colors

My acrylic inspired by lampwork beads

My acrylic inspired by lampwork beads

Not feeling well again obviously affected my workout schedule this week. On Tuesday I started to feel sickness coming and in an attempt to thwart it, I took another rest day. I still wasn't feeling well on Wednesday so I skipped my run, but I did do some SUP yoga. Saltwater therapy - yes! 

The SUP yoga session included a 10-15 minute paddle out, a 20-30 minute yoga session on the board after we anchor down, then a 10-15 minute paddle back. My board yoga this year has definitely improved from last year. I can do more complicated poses like crow, tripod, and wheel without wobbling. These are all easy poses for me off board, but on-board can be a different story, so I'm excited to see improvements this year.  

Paddleboard views

Paddleboard views

Isle of Palms Marina

Isle of Palms Marina

On Thursday, despite still feeling gross, I got a good speed session in. I took it inside to the treadmill and indoor track because speed sessions outside in this weather are a big "no" for me right now. I did my first two miles on the treadmill (one warmup up mile at an 8:34 pace, second mile at tempo at 7:45), the last two miles I did at the indoor track, which is right next to the treadmills, with an average pace of 7:13. That's faster than I've run in a long time for that distance, and certainly much faster than the races I've done lately. I'm hoping this speed (and faster) sticks around and translates outside this fall.  

Friday I went to barre class and even though it was an okay class for me, I just felt tired and drained from allergies and sinusitis. Saturday I could no longer ignore my symptoms and I had to skip all workouts, go to the doctor and then hang out on the couch. Sunday morning I still wasn't feeling well and skipped my barre class.

By Sunday evening, I was feeling a bit better so I headed to O2 Fitness for BodyFlow. My flexibility was on point, but my balance was nowhere to be found. So I had a lovely dancer pose with my leg high over my leg, but it was so wobbly! But I think the sinus infection is about ready to leave the building, so there's that. 

I start fall training in a few weeks and won't be able to afford having these rollercoaster weeks where I run a ton of miles (relatively speaking) one week and hardly any the next. That's not great for training or PRs, and it's what I've been dealing with for more than a year now. Hopefully allergy treatment kicks in fairly quickly and I can stay healthy for the long-term. 

In other news, since I wasn't feeling well and we stayed in this weekend, D and I binge watched Netflix's new show Stranger Things after B went to bed and we loved it! Eight episodes wasn't enough. I love Netflix, but hate how long we have to wait between seasons (and the fact that encourages binge watching)! 

So how's your summer training going? Anyone else watch Stranger Things? 

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