Happy 5th Runiversary to me!

It's official. I've been a runner for 5 years now. It seems like such a short time, but so much has happened (and not happened, really) since then. 


What started off as an amazing journey turned into a struggle after about a year. I've been through pregnancy, recovery and comeback, 10 months of sleep deprivation with an infant, terrible asthma and allergy problems, and most recently low iron and Vitamin D.

Through it all, I kept on running (slogging is probably more accurate), even though it's been two years since I've seen a PR and because of all of those issues, I'm not much faster than I was when I first started out. 

But I still kept going. I pulled back over the past several months to really get my issues straightened out and give my body a rest, but now? I'm back.

I've been back out on the road and doing well for a month. Running is consistently enjoyable again. Yes, some runs are better than others, sometimes I have more energy than other times, but I feel good. I feel normal. I feel healthy. I'm not reaching for my inhaler every few minutes and I'm not exhausted and miserable. 

While I haven't pulled the trigger on signing up for a race yet (other than running an untimed fun run last weekend), I think I'm getting there. I'm not expecting anything fantastic as we head into the slogging season here in Charleston (otherwise known as summer), but come fall, I'll be ready. But mostly more than anything, I'm just happy to be enjoying running again.