Gift list: Mother's Day

Gifts for the active, beachy mom. (Hint, hint, D.)

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Still looking for what to get an active mom for Mother's Day? Stop panicking. Here's a list. 



Boga Yoga Air 2016 inflatable yoga SUP board - Have board, will travel. Perfection. This inflatable SUP board packs up in its own rolling bag, making it easy to transport your board to wherever you're going.

Kopari Multitasking Mini Bag - There's nothing quite like the smell of coconut to transport your mind to the beach, even if you're completely landlocked. 

Rose Gold Drop Bottle - Runners need water. This bottle makes it tastier (infusing fruits and herbs!) and prettier. 

"Ohana" Mantraband - "Ohana means family, and family means no one ever gets left behind or forgotten." (Lilo & Stitch). A reminder right on your wrist. 

FitBit Alta with heart rate monitor - The FitBit Alta now has a heart rate monitor. And a nice line up of accessories so its look can range from sporty to elegant and everything in between.

Into the Glimmer throw blanket - Cozy up on the couch with this soft blanket. Or take it to the beach and sprawl out under the sun.

Kate Davis Coordinate Necklace - Map out a place you love (where you were married, where you live, where your child was born...) and wear it around your neck.

Live & Love mug - Runners and mothers need coffee. Mother runners especially need coffee. This mug is the perfect vessel. 

Brooks Launch 4 - "I have enough running shoes," said no runner ever. Shoes are like jello. There's always room for more (even if your closet says otherwise).