Weekly recap (5/22-5/28): Hitting the trails

Last week was rather uneventful, but as crazy as my weeks have been for the past few years, uneventful is good.

For the first time since I started setting the goal of 2 barre/yoga workouts plus 5 runs, I did it! Finally. The stars aligned, my schedule (and toddler) cooperated, and I got all of my workouts in. Next up: getting back on a paddleboard on a regular basis. 

Here's what you missed on the blog this week, too:
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weekly recap

The highlights:

I did a tempo run as my speedwork this week. It's been a awhile since I did a tempo run and this one was a beast. I was supposed to run one easy warm-up mile followed by four at tempo (7:45). I had my doubts about this one, especially with the humidity.

I started really, really slow to let my body warm up appropriately, then launched into my faster pace at mile 2. I was pleasantly surprised to see my paces come in sort of close to the 7:45 target - 7:55, 7:32, 7:55, 7:48. Not exact, but considering this was my first tempo run since...I have no idea...I'm pleased. And I did it in the summer humidity. I am finally, after two long years, seeing progress. 

My big workout news for this week is that I discovered the trail system to the large county park adjacent to my neighborhood actually has an entrance inside my neighborhood, about a quarter mile from my house. Previously, when I ran these trails, I'd make a 5-minute drive to the trail head on the other side of the park in the next neighborhood over. And because I had to drive, I didn't run it as often as I wanted to.

trails in charleston plantation
running trails and lake

People, I've lived here for 4 years. I've looked at that entrance in my neighborhood thinking I should try it and never did. I have no explanation for this other than laziness. But I finally went exploring and it is a great way for me to get on the trails and onto the running paths in the park and adjoining neighborhoods. Plus it's a nice change of scenery from my regular route. It's also a great place to run with Macy since it's shaded and the shade helps keep the temperatures more tolerable. 

I did both my weekend runs on the trails. Saturday I stayed on the main trail, which is a little more clear. On Sunday, I did my long run on the side trails and they are pretty rough. I slowed down considerably, but that's a good thing! By Sunday my legs were tired from all of the rest of the week's workouts, so a nice leisurely run on the trails was perfect. 

I can feel a huge difference in my muscles since I managed to get myself to barre classes this week. I could feel them starting to tighten up but barre class immediately fixed that. I had no IT band tightness this week like I have for the past several weeks. 

My asthma decided to flare up a bit last week during a few workouts and I ended up using my nebulizer once. The allergy index was really high so it triggered some allergies that made a few of my runs a bit wheezy. But it was still nothing like I've dealt with in the past.

Workout recap

Last week's goals

Goal 1 5 runs Hit
Goal 2 At least 2 barre/yoga classes Hit

Last week's workouts

  • Monday: Barre
  • Tuesday:  Easy run - 4.01 miles @ 8:41 pace
  • Wednesday: Off 
  • Thursday:
    • Tempo run - 5.04 miles @ 7:57 pace (1 mile slooooow warmup, 4 @ 7:55, 7:32, 7:55, 7:48)
    • Barre class
  • Friday: Easy run - 3.01 miles @ 9:28 pace
  • Saturday:
    • Easy trail run - 3.01 miles @ 9:02 pace
    • Family bike ride - 5 miles 
  • Sunday: Long run on the trails - 6.75 miles @ 9:57 pace

Last week's totals

Total miles: 21.82 miles
Total runs: 5
Total barre/yoga: 2
Total bike: 1
Total workouts: 8

Last week was one of those weeks, that although somewhat uneventful, it was also extremely busy and looking back, it's kind of a blur. Work was busy, freelancing was busy, life was busy. But I did take time to relax on the weekend and we had a fun time at the pool and the aquarium (again - B wanted to go see the sharks). 

south carolina aquarium
There are dolphins in there - right in the center

There are dolphins in there - right in the center

Our aquarium highlights this week included seeing one of the otters sleeping with his little head poking out of a log (cute overload!), Alabaster the alligator at the front of his tank and actually moving(!), the octopus awake and playing with a toy, dolphins swimming in the harbor outside, and checking out the new sea turtle recovery area that just opened. It was a good trip. 

After the aquarium, we headed to an impromptu brunch at Tavern & Table at Shem Creek. I love this restaurant. It's hands-down the best restaurant on the creek. 

Brunching on the creek

Brunching on the creek

Shem creek

Shem creek

Other than weekend fun, not much else to report from this week and I'm glad for a three-day weekend to get in one more day of fun. We're off to go boating with some friends today! 

How was your week? 


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