tasc Performance review: Comfort, style and sustainability (and a discount code)

I'm always on the lookout for fashionable (and comfortable) workout gear, and it really gets bonus points if I can get away with wearing it when I'm not working out. So I was super excited to try out tasc Performance bamboo lifestyle activewear. 

The first thing I noticed when I opened the packages was how incredibly soft and luxe the fabrics felt. They also felt substantial, but not heavy. I live in Charleston. It's hot and sunny here 90% of the year. I don't want to be wearing heavy fabrics that don't breathe no matter how good the clothes may look. 

I tried them on right away and was impressed by the comfort and overall fit. They are clearly well-made clothes that are designed to withstand lots of activity. 

tasc Performance clothes have several features that I greatly appreciate as someone who lives in a hot, sunny climate and spends a lot of time outside, including:

  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Odor resistance

All good things for life here in Charleston. It's gets sweaty here and sweat smells. Moisture-wicking and odor resistant means my clothes last longer and I don't have that weird stink in them even after they've been washed. And we all know sun protection is just a smart habit, so having it built into my clothes is awesome. 

My lifestyle of working from home, being outside a lot, and living at the beach doesn't call for lots of business or formal attire, and I tend to wear workout gear most of the time (unless I'm dressed up for a night out or something). 

I took my tasc Performance gear for a spin on Friday. After working all day, I headed to the beach with D and B for about an hour of relaxation and to dip my toes in the salt water. I didn't bother to wear a swimsuit and just kept my tasc gear on from earlier in the day since we only planned to be there for a short time.

But of course, with a toddler who loves water, I still get wet, swimsuit or no swimsuit. I wore the Rhythm skirt and was pleasantly surprised by how fast it dried and I got it completely wet in the ocean. It was completely dry in the few minutes it took us to walk from the beach to our car. And it didn't fall down or ride up at all while I was running around chasing the wild thing. Comfortable, casual, and functional while looking good = my kind of clothes. 

slay all day millie pouch

What I love most about tasc Performance is that their fabrics are created sustainably without chemicals and made from high quality natural sources, including bamboo. There is so much that we need to be doing to protect our planet and sustainable clothing manufacturing is a part of that process as is supporting businesses who produce sustainably. 

I am 100% sold on these clothes and can't believe I never tried them before. I can get away with wearing them for nearly any occasion and it feels like I'm wearing pajamas without the sideways looks I'd get if I actually was wearing pajamas. I'll be adding more of them to my wardrobe and I'll be wearing them just about everywhere - the gym, the beach and everywhere in between. 

I'm wearing the Rhythm skirt in white and the Jubilee T in heather. Find them on the tasc Performance and be sure to check out the tasc Performance’s website and social channels for all the latest styles and colors of their unique bamboo performance wear! Use the code ExperienceBamboo for 20% off.