The List: Fall Running Gear

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click and make a purchase, I'll get a small commission (and that helps keep my blog running). All products are ones I love and all opinions are my own.

It's time for a new training season and it's been a while since I've updated my running gear. So this season, I'm stocking up on (and re-stocking) some of my favorites, and maybe adding one or two new things.


Brooks Launch 4 - It's been a while since I bought new running shoes (maybe a year?) since I wasn't running as much and therefore, wasn't wearing out my shoes as fast. But it's time. 

I had a bunch of issues with shoes over the past year and a half or so, largely due to my overall slower pace and altered running form. Most of that is back to normal now, though, so I've switched my shoes back to my previous versions.

I've always been a Brooks devotee (I've tried other brands and don't like any of them as much), and I've worn a lot of different Brooks shoes.

After wearing the Ghost when I needed the extra shoe and cushioning, and wasn't super healthy, I'm back in my Brooks Launches. Those had given me some problems, but they are working really well again. I also think I'm ready to try to get back into my PureFlows next. Probably not for every run, especially not long runs, but maybe for the shorter ones and for sprinting/interval training. I may even still want those Ghosts for the longer, slower runs. 

I always buy several pairs of running shoes and rotate them. Plus, can you ever really have enough shoes, right?

Garmin Forerunner - My watch broke long ago and I never replaced it. But I'm starting to get really annoyed having to hold my phone in my hand when I run so I can track my pace with an app. Plus I want a heart rate monitor. It's time for a new watch!

Feetures socks - These are the only running socks I wear. They have cushion and support, and they last a long time. Mine, however, have worn out their welcome and are several years old. Definitely time for a restock.

Flip Belt - I always carry my phone with me on runs (and when I have a watch, I don't use my hands!), both for safety and as a backup tracking method - unless my watch is broken, then it's my only tracking method - but I hate armbands and most belts really bug me. 

I stumbled across Flip Belt several years ago and I love it! It holds everything - keys, phone, fuel, credit cards, inhaler, etc. and it stays put. But, like my Feetures socks, it's several years old and in need of an upgrade. 

Wearsafe Labs personal safety device - I run alone a lot and while the neighborhoods I run in are safe, it never hurts to be prepared. Also, I'm a bit of a tech and industrial design junkie, so I like to try out things like this. 

Hidrate Spark water bottle - I have a hydration problem and just can't seem to drink enough water, ever. This smart bottle yells at me to let me know I need to drink more. (See also: tech/industrial design junkie)

Oofas - They might not be the prettiest shoes, but they are the comfiest. My dog, Macy, has eaten a few pair of these and I really need to replace them. They are the best for tired feet after a long run or race.

Coffee mug - Okay, not technically running gear, but I'm definitely fueled by caffeine on a daily basis. This mug is accurate. And I like mugs. So there's that.

Beach sand necklace - Okay, again technically not running gear, but I plan to buy myself one of these necklaces as a reward for completing Kiawah. These are made by a local, Charleston-based artist with glass and sand from local beaches. You can pick whichever local beach you want. I already have an Isle of Palms one, but because I love jewelry (and the beach), I thought this would be a nice addition to my collection (and I'm thinking the white/copper version this time around). 

What are your fall running essentials?