Weekly Recap - Fall Base Building Week 5 (9/4-9/10)

These past 5 base building weeks have't exactly gone as planned (as usual) and last week was no exception. To say that it was a hard week would be an understatement.

In short, I dealt with a nasty recurrence of that UTI from a few weeks ago, Hurricane Irma, and most sadly, the death of a friend. It was an awful week and I did what I could while still getting work done for my job.  

fall base building week 5

Workout summary

Monday Off
Tuesday Off/sick
Wednesday Off/sick
Thursday Easy run (sick) - 3 miles, no watch
Friday Off/sick
Saturday Easy run (sick) - 3.51 miles @ 8:53 pace
Sunday Long run (still kind of sick) - 6.01 miles @ 8:23 pace
Totals 3 runs / 12.52 miles

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday ended up being a complete bust between hurricane prep and not feeling well. 

Thursday, I managed to get myself out for a run, but had to cut it short because of UTI pain. And then I promptly went back to the doctor to get more meds. I didn't think three days of antibiotics would be enough to kick out the initial infection and it turns out I was right. This time I've got 10 days worth and I'm hoping that does the trick. 

On Thursday, we also had to make a decision about whether or not to evacuate for Hurricane Irma because we had to cancel our hotel if we weren't going to go. And since hotels were booked by that point, if we ended up needing to leave, it would have been hard to find a place, especially one that takes dogs.

So, rather than risk  it with 4 dogs (one who's older than dirt with health issues and another who had surgery last week) and a toddler, and based on the forecast at the time, we decided to pack up and headed to Charlotte for our second annual unplanned evacucation. 

By Friday, Charleston moved out of the cone of uncertainty but major flooding, winds and tornadoes are still a possibility. And while Charleston appears (so far) to have been mostly spared the full effects of Irma, I am so saddened by all of the destruction to the islands and Florida she left in her path. 

Friday was really just the worst day of all. I found out that one of my friends and fellow runners in the Charleston running community, Cindy, was killed in a tragic car accident. It's been really difficult to process and still doesn't seem real. Cindy was truly one of a kind and everyone who knew her was better and blessed for it. She and her soul/sole mate, Ed, were two of the nicest, most sincere people I've ever met and together, they were amazing. I can't imagine the loss that he is feeling right now. 

two very special people - The world is a little less bright since Cindy's (middle) light went out too soon

two very special people - The world is a little less bright since Cindy's (middle) light went out too soon

Saturday and Sunday, while I was extremely sad, I wanted to get out and run, and enjoy the beautiful Charlotte weather and run my old Charlotte run routes. The UTI pain was still not awesome, especially Saturday. And I was feeling weak and tired. Sunday was a little better and as I type this, I think I've turned a corner with the symptoms and may be recovering (finally). 

And that horrendous week is a wrap on my fall base building. I didn't really build the solid base I wanted to, but it's good enough to start training for Kiawah. We planned to return home tomorrow and hopefully, our house will be unscathed. 

How was your week? I hope it was better than mine.  

weekly wrap

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