Disney Wine & Dine 10K 2017 Outfit Planning

Disney races have become an annual thing with my friend, Jennifer, and me. We vacation together (sometimes just us and sometimes with our families) to Disney and we run a race (or two). This year, we decided against the Wine & Dine Half because we hated the course last year, but we really liked the 10K course. So we're back to do that one again. 

And of course, that means...outfit planning. We decided on a Moana theme this year (best Disney movie ever, you guys!). 

Since the weather in November in Florida can be unpredictable, I've got some options: shorts or capris, plus a hoodie if it's too chilly. And I'll probably get the tank top in coral instead of white. 

And I've also got a few jewelry options - some literal and some just pretty jewelry I can wear again whenever and not feel like a freak. 

Option 1

disney 10K Moana outfit

Option 2

moana inspired outfit 2