Weekly recap (12/26-1/1): Good riddance, 2016

Well that was a quite a year. And I'm not sorry to see it go. Not in the least. And I'm hoping for a much better 2017. 

This week was also quite a week. And like last week, was a bit of a bust with workouts (and life). Usually it's one of my favorite weeks of the year with Christmas and New Year's and a nice holiday break. It's also D's and my anniversary week, so there is generally lots to celebrate during this week. 

weekly recap 12-26 to 1-1

But this year instead of celebrating and spending time with friends and family, I was home caring for Meadow almost 24/7. I've been at the vet at least once every day (sometimes twice) since Christmas Eve. I barely got any sleep because she was up in the middle of the night for hours and I was too exhausted to even enjoy my time away from work or do anything remotely productive. And I was sad that I was missing seeing our family and friends since we had to cancel our trip because of Meadow's injuries. (If you missed it you, can read what happened in last week's recap.)

The bad news: Meadow had major setbacks with her wounds last week. They got infected and she had to have a second, more complicated surgery on Friday to clean them up, get rid of the infection and dead tissue and have additional drains put in. 

The good news: the surgery seems to have done the trick, along with some new antibiotics. Other than a 3 a.m. New Year's Day visit to the pet ER for vomiting (I was afraid of sepsis; Meadow, it turns out, was just having GI issues from the new antibiotics), we've been steadily on the mend since Friday. Her wounds look better, the redness and swelling is just about gone, she feels better (she's getting really rammy), and we even got her and the other dogs together for a walk yesterday. Meadow rode in a stroller since she still isn't supposed to walk very far, but it went well with everyone. Yay Meadow!

I also think I've pieced together what actually happened based on what I know about our dogs. I don't think Lucy and Autumn (our other two beagles) actually turned on her in attack mode or out of hate. I think it was a sibling fight gone very, very wrong. I'm fairly certain they were all jammed up in a small space by a window looking outside and watching us get out of the car. Since Meadow was wearing a cone, she probably couldn't see much of what was going on next to her. I think Autumn probably growled or barked at Macy (our foster), Macy probably jumped, and then Meadow probably freaked out and growled causing the fight.

Meadow has always been pretty growly with Lucy, so I wouldn't be surprised if Meadow was actually the one who started this one (not attacking, but growling) and it just snowballed. Sort of like the scuffle earlier in the week over food.

Sometimes these things happen when there are multiple dogs in a house. We've been to the pet ER before (and on a different Christmas day) with Lucy when she and Stella had a fight over toys. It happens and we figured out how to get those two to live together, so we'll figure this out, too. It's just going to take work and training on our part, but that's okay. 

So anyway, yeah...not much else to say about last week since I spent it in a total fog.

In my one bit of workout/health news -
I did two barre classes this week and I noticed that my body didn't ache after those workouts. So that's a new thing and I'm thinking some of my supplements are starting to kick in, probably the Vitamin D since that takes less time to rebuild than the iron depletion.

I've spent at least the past 6 to 8 months with awful body aches every time I worked out. And I'm not talking about delayed onset muscle soreness. I'm talking about something more akin to feeling like the flu-type body aches. It didn't matter how easy or hard I worked out or how frequently I worked out, I was always sore and exhausted. But not last week! I'm hoping this is a good sign and the beginnings of health improvements.

In holiday news, I managed to make the last of our Christmas cookies on New Year's Eve and we had our Christmas day dinner the day after Christmas. A little off schedule, but we got it done.

So. It wasn't the holiday season (or year) I hoped for, but it's over now. It's a new dawn, a new day and a new year. And I'm more than ready to get on with it and tackle 2017.  

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