Weekly Recap - Kiawah Half Marathon Training Week 2 (9/17-9/24)

Sickness, the beach, and a killer clown

Alright...after another awful week in UTI hell, I finally (I hope) got the right antibiotics after the same one failed to work (twice). I still struggled with every run last week, though, and I'm not entirely sure I'm better yet. Guys, I will never taking peeing for granted again. Seriously. 

But enough about that. I'm tired of talking about being sick (so tired of it). Instead, let's talk about one truly, scary-ass clown (and a bit about the rest of my week).  

kiawah half marathon training week 2

So here's my workout summary and then we're moving on. 

Monday Sick
Tuesday Sick
Wednesday Sick but tried to run, Easy run - 3 miles @ 8:29 pace
Thursday Sick
Friday Easy run - 3 miles @ 8:09 pace
Saturday Off/still not feeling great
Sunday 4 slow miles/not feeling quite as bad, but still really off
Totals 3 runs / 10 miles

On Friday, we had a sitter for B and date night for us, which usually means dinner and a movie. And this time we saw It.

I've been anxiously anticipating this since it (It?) was first announced. I'm such a Stephen King fanatic and It has always been one of my favorites (and is partially to blame for my ongoing fear of clowns).

This movie - for what it was - did not disappoint. They left out a lot (a lot) from the book and even from the mini-series, but from what I hear, the second part will get a lot of the mini-series stuff back in and both movies together will end up longer than the mini series. 

*Mild spoiler alert* - skip down to the picture of the beach if you don't want to read spoilers.

The movie focuses solely on the kids experiences. There's no time jumping between them as adults and them as kids (that's coming in part 2). 

Time setting: 50s versus 80s
I liked the time setting change from the 50s to the 80s. Obviously, it was partially a commercial move on the producers' part to capitalize on the current wave of 80s nostalgia, but I also think it will be better for part 2 when It comes back and the kids are adults in present day versus the 80s.

I've heard others complain about this, but the 80s nostalgia just isn't the same when presented as adults (as in part 2) instead of kids and that would make part 2 run the risk of just looking dated. Overall, I liked this update and the childhood nostalgia.

The kids, the acting, the script
The kids were fantastic and they had a good script to work with. There was more comedic relief in this than the mini-series, but it worked. All of the actors were perfect for their roles, and while I missed Jonathan Brandis (RIP) as young Bill, these kids took this challenge on with gusto. Sophia Lillis, who played Beverly, was amazing. 

We've got to talk about Pennywise, right? It isn't It without him.

Bill Skarsgard held his own as Pennywise and had a solid take on it, but Tim Curry will always be the best. It's a bit unfair because Tim Curry left some big shoes to fill (literally - we all know clown shoes are enormous).

I felt like they did too many jump scares and CGI with this Pennywise and he was just creepy and didn't have the creepy/friendly factor that Tim Curry's Pennywise did, outside of the very first scene. 

Where were the Deadlights?
Deadlights, the Ritual of Chud, and the battery acid scene. It's (no pun intended) not really the same without these things. The Ritual of Chud and battery acid were totally missing and Deadlights only came out just a little bit toward the end but with no direct reference. I'm hoping they bring these back in part 2.

It's true form
The true form of It was only slightly seen by the kids in this version. In the book and the mini-series, the kids see the true form (goes along with the Deadlights thing). I guess they're waiting for part 2 for that reveal.

Overall, I was extremely happy with this adaptation, minus of few things, and I'm looking forward to part 2. 

beach sunset
beach date

We also caught a gorgeous sunset at the beach on our Friday night date night. And the weather was perfect (80s, breezy, not a ton of humidity - I was actually cold!). 

House updates

The entire house is framed and the roof is on!

This move is coming fast. This week I did a huge closet clean out and got stuff ready to send off to Goodwill and a bunch of other things ready to head to the consignment shop.



How was your week? Have you seen It? Any other Stephen King fans out there? 

weekly wrap

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