Weekly Recap - Kiawah Half Marathon Training Week 3 (9/25-10/1)

Rebuilding (again)

I think I finally kicked that UTI. Finally. Here's hoping I took enough antibiotics to completely kick it out of my system and not have it come back. At least I know which antibiotics work if it does. Sigh.

kaiwah half marathon training week 3

Workout summary

Monday Off
Tuesday Easy 3 @ 8:57 (run/walk)
Wednesday Easy 3.01 @ 9:03 (run/walk)
Thursday Off
Friday Easy 3.10 @ 8:45 pace
Saturday Easy 5.10 @ 8:56 pace
Sunday Long run - 7 miles at a glacial pace
Totals 5 runs / 21.21 miles

In general, I spent the week trying to rebuild. The first half I definitely still felt a bit weak and it was just so hot that I ended up doing run/walks.

I took Monday off since I still wasn't feeling totally awesome. Sunday night I started to feel the meds finally working, but wanted to give myself a break just to make sure.

I headed out for a short, easy run. I was pain-free when I wasn't running, but running still caused a little discomfort, so I did a run/walk. It was so hot, too - 96 degree heat index with a dew point of 74. Not awesome.

I did another easy run to keep testing the waters. This run felt better than Tuesday, but I was tired and feeling weak, and walked a few times. 

I took Thursday as a rest day. I was supposed to meet up with friends and run, but I just didn't feel well enough and was worried the antibiotics hadn't worked.

By Friday, I was feeling pretty good in spite of the raging heat and decided to wait another day before going back to the doctor for meds since I was feeling pretty much symptom free at that point. 

By Saturday, the UTI was gone. No pain, running or not running. So I ventured out for a very easy 5 miles just to get in a slightly longer run. 

B trying to pick out his pumpkin

B trying to pick out his pumpkin

Saturday Evening views

Saturday Evening views

Saturday was a busy day otherwise - we went to the pumpkin patch and started getting our house ready for Halloween. And then on Saturday night, I went out with friends for dinner and drinks, and stayed out way, way past my bedtime - probably not the smartest move with Sunday's run.  

Sunday I ran 7 miles, which is the longest run I've run in months. I met up with some friends and we ran a route from Isle of Palms to Sullivan's Island and back. 

I was so tired from being out late, still not feeling awesome in general (the antibiotics just had a weird effect on me), and probably a bit fatigue from running more miles and days over the course of the week. So, this was a slog of a run at a glacial pace. 

Sunday runday beach views

Sunday runday beach views

My allergies and asthma also flared up a bit on Sunday and I had some trouble breathing during my run, and had to come home and use my nebulizer to get things back under control. Allergies are flaring in Charleston right now with the changing weather, so this is just a seasonal reminder that I still do have asthma and allergies even if they are generally improved overall.

But in spite of all of that, the weather was beautiful, we had gorgeous beach views, and I got through 7 miles without UTI issues. I think I can safely say it's completely gone.

House updates

We're getting closer, you guys!

I cannot wait for this new house. I'll have a bigger office with a (barn) door, we'll have a really nice oasis for relaxing and playing, and for the dogs in our backyard, we'll have a dedicate play space that is not our living room, we'll have an art/craft/sunroom on the main floor (yessssss!), and we'll have plenty of bedrooms and space for ourselves and lots of guests! I think we'll also have space for my piano (finally- that's been at my mom's house since I moved out years and years ago). 

The new house is coming along! I'm love with the yard!

The new house is coming along! I'm love with the yard!

Trails in our new neighborhood

Trails in our new neighborhood

The neighborhood itself is also so nice and there are lots of families with kids, and a pool and trails, and nearby boat/kayak/paddleboarding access. So. Excited. 

And that's a wrap on my week. While my pace and endurance took a bit of a hit over the past several weeks, I'm well again and rebuilding (back to 5 runs!), and we're in full fall holiday mode over here.

How was your week?  

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