Weekly Recap - Kiawah Half Marathon Training Week 8 (10/30-11/5)

Happy Halloween (And Vacation Time)! And...Fall Weather, Charleston-style.

Well, it took a while for it to arrive but fall is finally here in Charleston. It's still warm and humid because that's just life here, but it's not oppressive anymore. And we actually had a few days where mornings were only in the 40s! What? Can I get more of that, please?

kiawah half marathon training week 8

Anyway, this update will be fairly short since I headed out for vacation to Disney and my week was chaos before that (Halloween, appointments, work stuff, and packing). But I did get in one BodyFlow class and a really good 6 mile run before heading out. 

Workout summary

Monday BodyFlow
Tuesday Easy 6.01 (8:24 pace)
Wednesday Off/work nuttery and packing
Thursday Off/travel day
Friday Off/vacation
Saturday Disney's Wine & Dine 10K (pacing a friend)
Sunday Off (Disney fun!)
Totals 2 runs / 12.21 miles (plus so much walking!)


I knew the week was going to be crazy and I've become more and more on the side of Team Never Miss a Monday. It really does set the tone for the week, at least for me. And since I'm feeling better and have adjusted to longer mileage and strength workouts, I'm not tired on Mondays anymore. 


Easy run - 6.01 miles (8:24 pace)
It was in the high 40s on Tuesday morning and it was glorious, even with 83% humidity. And my run was even more glorious. More of this weather would be fantastic!

My little orange dinosaur

My little orange dinosaur

Tuesday night was Trick or Treat in my town and B had so much fun around the neighborhood in his little orange dinosaur costume. And Mom was super proud of her craftiness in making said costume. :-)


Work and packing craziness
Not much to report here. Work craziness plus packing didn't leave me much time for anything else, as much as I would have liked to get myself to BodyFlow, it wasn't going to happen.


Travel day
Again, not much going on here since we traveled to Disney that day.

Welcome to radiator Springs (Art of Animation resort)

Welcome to radiator Springs (Art of Animation resort)


Another busy day of vacationing - we headed to Disney Springs and did some shopping and eating. I had initially wanted to run in the morning, but wasn't feeling great, so I skipped it. Vacation and all that. 


Disney Wine & Dine 10K + Epcot
I paced a friend for this race and we were up way, way, way before the sun to get to the starting line. I'll post a full recap later, but it was a great race for her and we hit her goals! After the race, we went to Epcot and ate and drank all of the food and all of the drink. It was a good day.    

Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Epcot Food & Wine Festival


Hollywood Studios (and at least 25,000 steps)
Another day of vacationing at Hollywood Studios - I had never been there before and I'm not entirely sure why. But I loved it. It was, by far, the highlight of the trip (again, full recap on our vacation coming later!).

Hollywood studios - my new favorite disney park

Hollywood studios - my new favorite disney park

So now it's back to reality (as of today (Wednesday)), but that vacation was so fun and I'll post a full update of it and the Wine & Dine 10K later this week or next week. 

And in case you missed it, here's another post from last week:

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How was your week?

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