Weekly recap (7/17-7/23): Back to base building

Another week, another recap. I'm still having trouble getting back into a good rhythm with workouts, but I'm getting there!

In case you missed it, here's a quick recap of where I currently stand on my July goals with one more week to go:
July goals: Mid-month check in (Spoiler alert: I spent a ton of time, mostly late nights, last week getting through an online web development class - goal achieved!)

weekly recap


What I planned: HIIT workout and yin yoga
What happened: HIIT workout and yin yoga

Off to a good start with the week. Pre-work HIIT workout, lunchtime yin yoga. All good things, all good things. 


What I planned: 5 mile run @ easy pace
What happened: Nothing

Tuesday seems to be my day for derailment. Two weeks ago it was because my back was bothering me. Last week, it was because I had some serious DOMS from getting back into strength work and also because I was up late the night before working on the class I'm taking, so I was tired and unmotivated to run. 

I hope the DOMS aren't quite as crazy this week so I feel a bit more motivated to get out there on Tuesday. 


What I planned: Stretch Zone session + 3 mile run @ easy pace with friends
What happened: Stretch Zone session + a run-spoiling thunderstorm

I was really looking forward to my Wednesday Pub Run with my running group, but nasty thunderstorms came through and lasted well beyond out meeting time. So no run for me on Wednesday. 


What I planned: 4 mile quasi-speedwork session + HIIT workout
What happened: 4 mile quasi-speedwork session  (overall pace: 8:49) + HIIT workout

I eased my way back into speedwork on Thursday. I did 1/10 mile strides every half mile. My pace wasn't quite as fast as my target pace, but it was really hot and humid, so I did what I could. 

Thursday's post-run/Post-HIIT treat

Thursday's post-run/Post-HIIT treat

After work, I headed to a HIIT workout at Journey, which as always, was a good workout. I didn't have DOMS this time around, so my body readjusted quickly (again). 


What I planned: Yin yoga + sports chiropractor visit
What happened: Yin yoga + sports chiropractor visit

Not a ton to report here on the workout front. Yin yoga was amazing as always. 

In the evening, I had my first appointment with the sports chiropractor. Turns out, my lower back is all out of alignment (shocking) to the point where my right leg was an inch shorter than my left at the start of the session! That explains the left achilles issue and of course, my back pain that's concentrated mostly on the right side.

By the end of the session, my legs were almost the same length, which the chiropractor was pleased with. I'll be going back weekly for about 2 months to get this issue straightened out.

While I've never actually hurt my back while working out (it's always been doing random things like picking up a grocery bag the wrong way or wrangling a toddler), I want to get it under control so I don't have flare ups. It seems toddler life has also caused it to flare up more frequently (imagine that) because I went years and years without issues only to be hit with multiple ones this year and that's just too frequent for me.


What I planned: 3 mile run @ easy pace
What happened: 3.16 trail run @ 9:57 pace in a 107 heat index (fun!)

I'm not sure some of where I ran could even be called trails at this point. The portion that cuts into my neighborhood was completely overgrown with grass higher than my knees and other plants that were taller than me. But it's always a nice change of pace (literally) to be out on the trails.

Is this even a trail?

Is this even a trail?


What I planned: 6 mile run @ long run pace
What happened: 6.01 easy run at 9:11 pace

I got off the trails and back on the road on Sunday. This was my longest run since early June (I think), so my main goal was just to finish. It wasn't quite as hot (heat index of just 95 with 85% humidity) and there was a crazy wind (19 mph), so it was actually sort of tolerable and felt cool(ish). I was still a sweaty mess, but it didn't seem quite as bad.  

I had some fatigue and was a bit achey from Friday's chiropractor appointment, so that slowed me down and I think I'd have been a bit faster if it weren't for that. But I was happy to have completed 6 miles. Now I'm on to rebuilding again. 

water life

water life

Last week's totals

Miles: 13.18 miles
Runs: 3
Strength: 2
Yoga: 2
Total workouts: 7

Outside of running, we spent our weekend at the pool because when the heat index is triple digits, you either stay inside or go outside in the water (or you know, run, if you're crazy like that). We had swimming lessons first at the town recreation center, then Saturday and Sunday at the regular pool. And we had brunch on Shem Creek, which is always a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  

So in general, I did okay last week, I think. The beginning of the week was a little hit or miss, but by the end of the week,  I hit my stride a bit better. Now I need to carry that on to this week.

How was your week? Have you ever seen a sports chiropractor? What did you think of it?

weekly wrap

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