Mid-year check in: Mindmapping my life

Back in January, I created a Mindmap of what I thought I wanted my year to look like. I'm not one to make a ton of resolutions and usually for me, list like this are just mere exercise in futility. But I did it anyway and I thought I'd check in since we're over halfway through the year. 

Here was my Mindmap at the beginning of the year:

January's hope

January's hope


And here's what it looks like now - green items are done, x's are, well...not (and likely not going to be), everything else is still up for grabs:

July's realities

July's realities

So I've actually done more than I thought I would and some things I never thought would happen (like paid content on my blog) actually happened. Some things I was sure would happen, but didn't, like going to a blogger/fitness conference - I was signed up to go to one, but had to cancel because of scheduling issues. Maybe next year.

Then there are things I laugh at now (like getting 7 hours of sleep a night - hahaha!). Hilarious. And sad. I get about 4 of solid sleep, the rest is really restless or half asleep/half awake. That is not a humblebrag. It's awful and I hate it. 

Here's how everything else beyond the blog (and sleep) is stacking up:


Beach - I'm fairly certain we've been at the beach at least once per month since February (I wrote the original post on January 31). That's still not as often as I'd like to go but we've been getting there more frequently than before.

Date nights? We finally started having once a month date nights in April or May (I can't remember and time flies - sorry), but before that nope, we failed on that front. 

Charleston - We've bit out and about a bit more in Charleston, but I still think we can do better on this one, but so far this year it's been decent. Lots of aquarium time, visiting the Pineapple Fountain, beaches, etc. 


Races - Health derailed my idea for doing one race per month. I just didn't feel ready or up for it, but I am finalizing my schedule for fall, so September through December should be a little bit busier. 

Running 5 days a week - This actually happened for a longer stretch than I've ever done before (7 or 8 weeks, I think), then derailed because I had some achilles soreness and an old (unrelated to running) back injury flare up. Both of those things are also back under control and this week I might actually hit that 5 day mark again. 

Crosstraining and all that - I've been pretty good with this. It's rare that a week goes by where I don't do something, whether it's yoga, barre or strength, and often I do more than one session.  


Accountability partner - I still have my accountability partner, but both of us have had some health craziness this year, so neither of us have been doing what we really wanted to do with physical activity. But we keep in touch, so we're doing okay and it's not a total loss. 

Eat better - I've definitely been better about this. Not perfect, of course, but I've been paying much better attention to what I'm eating and I feel better for it.


Lots of stuff going on here. I finally finished a course where I brushed up on HTML/CSS and built a site from scratch. Now I'm moving on to getting better at that, learning responsive design, as well as Javascript and Ruby/Ruby on Rails. 

I had also notably called out that I had no freelance goals for the year in my field (software/product design). Of course, since I didn't have goals, things started happening there and now I've got a steady stream of freelance work.

Which is why I probably won't get to data science classes this year and the next group of items is languishing a bit...


I just haven't had time for this. Between all the other stuff, it fell off my radar. Not permanently, just for now. I'll revisit it later. 

In summary...

It's crazy how in just a few short months my priorities have shifted and I'm busy doing something I said I didn't want to do. But it's going well and I'm enjoying it, so there's that. It also served as the catalyst for me getting off the stick and getting a business going. 

How's your year going? Isn't it crazy that 2017 is more than halfway over already?