Weekly recap (2/13-2/19): Better than the last

This week was better than last week, even though I had weird beer intolerance congestion until Wednesday morning and generally felt tired from that for the first half of the week.

Then when I finally felt better, I ended up staying up way too late. I wasn't doing anything particularly useful, either (I was watching Felicity reruns). So I was tired from only getting 5 hours of sleep. Sigh. At least I was tired because of poor choices and not because of sickness. 

weekly workouts - feb 13-19

Workout summary

  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday:  Easy run - 4.06 miles (9:05 pace)
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Easy run - 4.10 miles (9:10 pace)
  • Friday: Barre
  • Saturday: Easy run - 4 miles (1.5 on my own, 2.5 with friends at a slower pace than my regular pace) 
  • Sunday: Family bike ride - 12 miles

Crosstraining: 1
Barre/strength: 1
Runs: 3
Total miles: 12.16 miles
Total workouts: 5

Since I was tired, my pace lagged a bit. My schedule was a little crazy and I only made it to one barre class, but I logged more miles in one week than I have in a while. That's not saying much since it was only about 12 miles, but it's something. I'm aiming for small mileage increases now and I hope to get back up to 4 days a week on the regular. 

Saturday I met up with friends and ran a different route and had people to talk to. I don't run with other people much anymore since I've found it hard to coordinate my schedule and location with area running groups. So, I started my own. I'm hoping it takes off and we have a nice little regular run group for Saturday mornings.

Sunday we did a 12 mile family bike ride all over the connecting neighborhoods where we live. That's the longest bike ride we've done since before my ferritin/iron issues started. Once those started, even riding bike was harder. I felt like I felt when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy (and I was definitely not pregnant). I'm happy to say that even after 12 miles, I felt great! 

That's two weeks in a row of feeling decent, in spite of staying up too late and drinking beer. Yay for improvements!

In non-workout news, I ate lots of oysters (surprise!), saw some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, and worked on some more product planning. I may actually launch a small collection this summer. Maybe. We'll see. 

How was your week?

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