Weekly recap (2/6-2/12): Slowly

Things may be starting to improve over here! Maybe? Hopefully?

I started to feel my strength coming back this week and could push myself in barre classes. Yes! Running is still a bit shaky and I don't feel quite ready to start pushing myself, but it's not as painful as it's been over the past several months. And I actually had fun on my runs this week, which is new.

It's feeling like my ferritin and Vitamin D levels are starting to make that slow uphill climb back to normal. Possibly, maybe? I've also felt like my asthma and allergies aren't quite as bad, even though the pollen count has been through the roof and it's been humid. Baby steps, but I'm hoping I've finally (finally) turned a corner.  

weekly workouts February 2-16, 2017

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Workout summary

  • Monday: Barre
  • Tuesday:  Off
  • Wednesday: Easy run - 3.09  miles (8:32 pace)
  • Thursday: Easy run - 4.08 miles (8:42 pace)
  • Friday: Barre
  • Saturday: Family bike ride - 5.5 miles
  • Sunday: Easy run - 4 miles

Crosstraining: 1
Barre/strength: 3
Runs: 3
Total miles: 11.17 miles
Total workouts: 6

In the midst of workouts, I had a fun weekend with friends, but way too much beer (and pizza). I hardly ever drink and when I do, it's usually just one drink (and sometimes I don't even finish that). I had four beers this weekend (two Friday night, two Saturday night), which is four beers more than I've had in the past 6 months. And they made me so congested! I felt groggy and stuffed up all weekend and into Monday.

Good times. I guess I have some kind of beer intolerance now, too? Apparently that's a thing. Sigh. Or maybe I always had it and that's why I felt so crappy after drinking in my younger days (even if I didn't have a hangover). At least it's easy for me to forgo alcohol most of the time at this stage of life. Silver linings, right?

Anyway, overall a good week and a short recap. I'm not training for anything right now and I'm just trying to get my run back. It seems like that might be starting to happen. 

How was your week? 

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