Weekly recap (7/24-7/30): Wrapping up July

I'm still working on getting back into the swing of things here, but generally have done well and wrapped up the last week of July on a mostly strong note. Especially considering everything that I've been doing outside of workouts these past few weeks, including recapping where I'm at on my 2017 goals. Check out that post in case you missed it. 

Between crazy days at work plus freelancing, I barely have time to breathe. When it comes to this blog, I've been a little more lax and am just posting when I can. Plus, it's summer. Summer is meant for relaxing. 

weekly workouts july 24-30


What I planned: HIIT workout + yin yoga
What happened: HIIT workout

It monsooned on Monday and I took cover at Journey with a strength workout. Always a good way to start my week.

Lots of rain on Monday Morning

Lots of rain on Monday Morning

I ended up not going to yoga because I had to take Macy dog to the vet. She was throwing up all over the place and had a stomach bug, so instead of lunch time yoga, I had a lunch time vet appointment. Fun. She's better now, though!


What I planned: 5 mile run @ easy pace
What happened: 5 mile run at a glacial pace

I was tired on Tuesday, but didn't have DOMS from my workout on Monday (yay!). The heat really bothered me for some reason, though, and I just could. not. get. moving. Not my favorite run ever, but at least I ran. 


What I planned: Stretch Zone session + 3 mile run @ easy pace with friends
What happened: Stretch Zone session + 3.07 miles at an easy 9:05 pace

The weather cooperated this week and I got in my 3 miles with my running group. My asthma, however, was not as cooperative. I was a bit wheezy about halfway through the run and it didn't get better until after I stopped running and used my inhaler twice. A little reminder that I still do have asthma and it's not always going to play nice. 


What I planned: 5 mile speedwork session + HIIT workout
What happened: Nothing

There is good reason for my derailment here. Cue big announcement...

We bought a new house and we're building it! So we had to go to the design center to make all of our design choices on Thursday. They only had certain times for appointments and really wanted to get us in last week since they break ground this week (eeek!).

Picking out our interior choices

Picking out our interior choices

So, because of that I got up early and worked before the appointment and came back and worked again in the evening since I had things I needed to get done for Friday. And that caused a break in my workouts.

But I'm super excited! I'll finally have an office with a door and we'll have a little more space in a house that suits our current lifestyle a little better than the one we're in right now. We're keeping our current house and renting it out, though, so if you know anyone looking to move to Charleston, we'll have a place!


What I planned: Yin yoga + sports chiropractor visit
What happened: Sports chiropractor visit

I had a lot of work to get done before the weekend, so I skipped yin yoga. I thought about running in the evening, but some storms rolled in just around the time I was going to go and nixed those plans, too. 


What I planned: 3 mile run @ easy pace
What happened: 3 mile run @ 8:56 pace

Saturday was just a short, easy run. The dew point was absolutely out of control and my asthma wasn't having it. Last week in general was rough on my asthma. But I got that run done, and then we went to the aquarium to escape the humidity. 

Shark coming straight at B

Shark coming straight at B

Lunch time for the octopus - she was chowing down on a crab

Lunch time for the octopus - she was chowing down on a crab


What I planned: Barre class + 7 mile run @ long run pace
What happened: 7 mile run @ 8:28 pace + 9 mile bike ride

I had initially planned on a morning barre class, but after being out with friends the night before, I didn't feel like getting up and rushing around and then having to run in the evening, so I skipped barre class. 

Palm trees and sunrise

Palm trees and sunrise

It almost felt like fall on Sunday morning with temps in the low 70s. The humidity and dew point were still gross (89% and 68) and gave my asthma a little bit of trouble, but overall I felt really good out there and ran 7 miles at an 8:28 pace. That's the kind of run I expect of myself.

After years of pushing through all of the issues I've been having, I've been waiting for a run like this. And I know the weather will get hotter again before it cools down for the winter, but at least now I know, the speed is in there.

This was a easy run for me, but my easy pace was significantly faster, all because the temp was decent. Persistence is paying off. My legs also felt really fresh since I hadn't pushed them much during the week with hard runs or strength classes (what a difference fresh legs make, too!). I can't wait for fall!

After my run, the family headed out for an almost 9 mile bike ride. We just had to take advantage of the beautiful weather. 

Post-run, Post-bike ride time on the beach with My little Beach Baby

Post-run, Post-bike ride time on the beach with My little Beach Baby

And of course, beach time is always a good time. We headed there on Sunday evening after a day spent outdoors. And because I now have thin, Southern blood (even after spending 30+ years in the Northeast), I was out on the beach freezing. In 82 degree weather. The breeze was cold, you guys! And it wasn't just me. Little dude was cold, too, and snuggled up on my lap with his towel to get all "nice and warm" (he loves saying that he's "nice and warm").  

While my asthma gave me some trouble last week, my back is feeling much better. Fortunately the x-rays from the sports chiropractor showed no signs of injury (even though I thought it was from an old injury). That injury is definitely healed, but my back is also way out of whack. The alignment is off, one hip is higher and it's causing my spine to curve. All reasons why my back hurts.

And it's likely stemming from parenthood (lifting a toddler without using the "correct" lifting form, wrangling a toddler, carrying tons of stuff, etc.). But we have a treatment plan, and after two sessions, I'm already feeling better.

Sheesh...parenthood has certainly taken its physical toll on me, that's for sure. Nothing permanent, but still frustrating and lasting for a long time (and multiple things). But for this latest round of fun, I've got the chiropractor to fix my bones and Stretch Zone to fix my muscles, and I'll be good to go in the fall! 

Now that July is over, I'm officially back to base building for fall training (which starts in September). I've got goals and races on my calendar (finally!) and I'm looking forward to seeing what the season brings.

How was your week? Did you get slightly cooler weather toward the end of the week, too?

Last week's totals

Miles: 18.17 miles
Runs: 4
Strength: 1
Bike: 1
Yoga: 0
Total workouts: 6

weekly wrap

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