April 2018 Goals Recap


So. I didn't exactly hit all of my April goals, but I knew some of them (okay, all of them) would be a stretch given my travel and work schedule. But I still think it was a successful month even though I missed some goals. 

Here's how that all shook out - 

Goal: Run at least one race - Done!

I still have to post the recap, but I ran the Run for Adela 5K beach run on April 21. It wasn't fast (nor was I trying to be), but it was a well-executed run. I ran a comfortable pace with negative splits and my little toddler runner boy ran the last .1 mile with me. Recap on the way. Really, it is.

Goal: Do 2-3 at-home strength and/or yoga workouts per week - Nope

I am just not an at-home workout person. Maybe I should try doing some HIIT workouts outside or at the beach or something. Home isn't where it's at for me with workouts. Perhaps because I don't have a dedicated space for it? Once we get our garage climate controlled, maybe I'll find motivation. Maybe not. Anyway, this will not be a goal that rolls into May.

Goal: Run 4 times per week - Nope

Okay, so I did kind of okay on this. I ran 5 times one week, 4 times another, 3 another, and 2 during the week I traveled. So for the first three weeks of the month, the overall run amount was equal  to if I had run 4 times all three of those weeks (12 runs). I just ended up distributing it differently because of schedule conflicts. The week I traveled for work was just ridiculously busy and I was exhausted. I'm lucky I got in 2 runs.

I'm hoping May is a little calmer (no work travel!), so at least I have that going for me.

Goal: Get myself to Orange Theory - Nope

It was kind of silly of me to put this as a goal since I knew at least 2 of the Saturdays in April weren't available for this (race and travel). But I thought I'd try. Maybe May will be my month?

Even though I didn't quite make my goals, I'm still pleased with my progress this month. I ran my highest mileage month since last October (and before that, my highest mileage month since May) and I continued with strength training as much as my schedule allowed.

april miles

I haven't been running a lot of miles in the past year and I'm glad to be slowing adding more miles each month. My speed is picking up a little, too, and while I don't expect much during the hot, soggy summer months, maybe by fall I'll be feeling kind of speedy again. 

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How was your month? Did you set (or hit) goals?