Weekly Recap: The Really Bad Weeks (1/22-1/28)

What just happened here?

Some weeks sail right by with no major rumbles. Sure, they're busy weeks, but they pass quickly and without major incident (or a series of minor incidents back-to-back-to-back-to-back that leave you reeling to keep up).

Other weeks? They make up for those smooth sailing weeks. In spades. Guess which kind of week last week was? 

weekly recap january 22-28

In addition to a comedy of errors that began on Monday when I woke up with stomach issues from the prior night's Chinese takeout and later culminated with three of my dogs (Macy, Lucy, Autumn) letting themselves out of our fenced yard and running loose in the neighborhood while I chased them in my bare feet, I also had an extremely stressful and sad week with Meadow Beagle.

We were at the vet 5 days in a row with her and she needed constant care and supervision (thank goodness for working from home and doggy running strollers). By Friday, she was doing so badly that we were sure we were going to lose her and I started thinking about what I wanted engraved on her box of ashes (I did figure it out, so when the time comes, I already know).

Sweet, sick Meadow :-(

Sweet, sick Meadow :-(

She was refusing to eat, we couldn't get any of her meds in her, and she just seemed miserable (because those meds we couldn't get her to take help her a lot). We even took her to the beach on Saturday thinking it was her last trip there.

But we changed up her meds, compounded them so I can shoot them down her throat with a syringe, and somehow, she came back to us. Maybe the beach therapy also helped perk her up. 

Beach Beagle

Beach Beagle

As of right now, she's back to her normal self with the exception of some odd eating habits and food aversions (doesn't want meat or dog food, loves Chex). At this point, whatever Meadow wants, Meadow gets. 

I also finally did an art project I've been meaning to do with her for a while - watercolor pawprints! I dipped her paws in water and tried to get her to walk on my watercolor paper, then painted in the water spots she left. She freaked out a little, so we ended up with abstract pawprints instead, but I think it's precious.

Pawprint Watercolor (there's some fur stuck in there - I didn't take it out initially, but it ended up falling off.)

Pawprint Watercolor (there's some fur stuck in there - I didn't take it out initially, but it ended up falling off.)

Other highlights from my ridiculous week included:

In addition to Meadow's vet visits, Macy also visited the vet with happy tail. This is apparently a thing. She wagged her tail so much and so hard that she split the end open because she hits things with it, and it bleeds. She got to sport a pink bandage and the cone of shame. 

Lucy and Autumn decided to raid the trashcan while I wasn't home. Fortunately, the only thing in it that would really hurt them was the coffee grounds, but they left them alone and chewed up some non-toxic plant stems instead. Lucy did end up leaving gastrointestinal presents around the house from that, but otherwise, everyone is fine. And the trash can is now out of reach from naughty dogs. 

Oh. And I lost my FitBit. Icing on the cake. 

Guys, it was a week. 

I'm not sure how I made it through without losing my mind (I almost did). With D out of town and a crazy work schedule, it was just feeling so overwhelming. 

But I did survive and we're on the other side of that awful week now. And I am so, so, so glad my sweet Meadow bounced back unexpectedly and we have more time with her. Right now, every additional day we have with that precious girl is a gift and I'll happily take it. 

As for workouts, well...since D was out of town and I didn't want to leave Meadow alone at all, I canceled all of my strength and yoga classes until D was home, and just ran with Meadow in her new running stroller.

Meadow in her running stroller, thoroughly enjoying running around our neighborhood

Meadow in her running stroller, thoroughly enjoying running around our neighborhood

By Friday morning, was really needing some yoga and thankfully, D was home then so I could get to class. I must get better about at-home workout sessions, but truthfully, I could barely muddle through last week, so I'm happy with what I did get done. 

Workout summary

Monday Off (sick)
Tuesday Sprinting around the neighborhood in my bare feet trying to catch the dogs (seriously)
Wednesday 2.5 mile stroller run with Meadow
Thursday 2.5 mile stroller run with Meadow
Friday Yoga
Saturday Off (completely and totally spent from the week)
Sunday 3 mile stroller run with Meadow + yoga
Totals 3 runs/8 miles
2 yoga

But more good news - I ran three times! Even though it was with the stroller and that thing is way more beastly and hard to maneuver than B's BOB, I still ran. And I ran without piriformis pain. I ran my longest run since December 19 and the most weekly miles since the beginning of December, too. 

I think it's safe to say that injury has left the building. Yes! It's time to get back out there and enjoy running again. 

How was your week? What do you do to stay sane when things go completely haywire?


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