Weekly Recap: The Breaking Point (1/15-1/21)

Overscheduled, Overtired, and Over it

It's official. I've taken on too much.

I'm working crazy hours every week, building my own company, running (or attempting to run) a Meetup group, trying to maintain some kind of organization in a house that's a bit chaotic from our recent move, plus I'm a mom of a toddler and I'm busy caring for an aging beagle who needs a lot of attention and vet visits. Not to mention my heart is breaking watching my sweet old dog fade. 

weekly recap january 15-21

Adding to all of that - my brain is filled with ideas to turn my art and maker hobbies into an actual business (aside from the product design consulting business I run). And I'm still attempting to get healthy and stay healthy.

And – because there's always more fun to add to the mix – our renter for our old house here in Charleston fell through, so we decided to give AirBnB a go at the last minute. So far, it's working out and we already have people booking it, but geez, I like to plan a little better than that! 

I'm at the breaking point.

Sweet Meadow (Back, left) isn't doing very well :-(

Sweet Meadow (Back, left) isn't doing very well :-(

Just last week, I was so overbooked that I had 4 appointments (allergist, chiropractor, Stretch Zone, and dentist) plus a meeting all booked at the same time slot. 

My week was so crazy with work and trying to get in necessary health appointments for me, my son, and Meadow Beagle, there wasn't nearly enough time to get in the workouts I planned. Basically, when there are appointments scheduled on any given day, that eats into my workout time. On days I plan a double workout, one gets dropped. On days when only one was scheduled, I don't workout at all. It's just the way my schedule works with my family life. The hours of the day just run out and I have to make tradeoffs.

There were 4 appointments to deal with last week (and that was after I canceled 3 of the 4 quadruple bookings), so that's 4 missed workouts (at least).

Here's the thing:

I do know what I want and I know it's not this.

Every fiber of my being is screaming for a break. There's a bit of one coming soonish (kind of), so I'm looking forward to that. Although, it coincides with a significant uptick in my husband's work travel schedule, so that kind of cancels out any work schedule relief I might feel. 

This is 100% why I get sick and remain sick, and why it continues to get worse instead of better. My body is literally shutting down.

As much as I know what I want (and I'll save those details for some other time), I also know that what I'm doing now is the path to get me to what I want later. So, I'm doing what I have to do now until I can do what I want to do in the future. It's not ideal, but no one ever said reaching goals was easy. (And with that, I'll end my paragraph filled with cliches.)

I have plans. Now I need to act on them.

I have plans. Now I need to act on them.

That said, I do need to figure out some give in my overall schedule because it can't keep going exactly as it's going right now. I don't have those answers right now, but I'm working on it. I also know I need to get better at quick, at-home strength and yoga workouts on days I can't get into the studio or gym. Still figuring that out, too. 

Fortunately, even though my workweek was crazy, my weekend was a bit more relaxing. D and I went out on a kid-free date night on Friday and I had a girls night out with some friends on Saturday. Date night and friends night are always good things.

So, with all of that nuttiness, here's what I managed to get in:

Workout summary

Monday Off (sports massage)
Tuesday 1 mile test run
Wednesday Yoga
Thursday Yoga
Friday Off (allergist appointment)
Saturday 2 mile test run
Sunday 4 mile bike ride + yoga
Totals 3 yoga
2 runs!!!!!
1 bike ride

Did you see it? I ran! After a month of being sidelined with a pain in the butt (aka, piriformis syndrome), I ran. Twice. Both were short and pretty slow (and cold!). But I got out there again.

Yoga and sports massages (and rest from running, of course), have been key in my recovery and I plan to keep up with them as maintenance.

My second run, while still on the slow side, was faster than the first. Since it's been a month since I've run anything over 3 miles (and I've only had 2 runs in that month that were both around a mile), I'm happy with the small progress from this week. Maybe it won't take too terribly long to regain my lost fitness.

I'm itching to get back to some semblance of regular training. Whatever that looks like at this point in time. I'm holding off on registering for any races at the moment and just focusing on getting back into a good running and crosstraining schedule.

How was your week? How do you deal with schedule nuttiness and trying to get in workouts? 


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