Weekly Recap: Moving Week (1/8-1/14)

Not quite back to normal

After the crazy snowiness, it was nice to return to a bit more normal temperatures last week. Although, I have to admit, I was sad to see the snow go. It felt like magic having all of that snow here in Charleston. But alas, the magic melted away and now it's just January.

weekly recap january 8-14 2018

But while temps are normal for "just January," life still hasn't returned to a normal post-holiday routine yet.

Last week was moving week for us. While we've gradually been moving things over to the new house, the big move for the rest of our stuff (like furniture and clothes) was Saturday.

Our dogs are loving the new house

Our dogs are loving the new house

Because the holiday season was so busy and I was sick, injured, and in too much pain to do much at all during the week I had planned to pack everything up, I was left in a mad packing rush to get things ready to move. Not fun.

At least it was an easy move and I could just throw things in boxes and drive them 2 miles up the street. But that also means it was much less organized than how I usually move (with boxes clearly marked with their contents and the room they should go in). Not this time. I have so much to organize and not enough time to do it. 

Adding to the crazy last week were several deadlines for various projects plus a dog who needed a last-minute vet visit.

All of that meant my workouts had to shift and I didn't quite get to what I wanted to be doing regularly for 2018. But that's okay. I did what I could and my piriformis is thanking me for all this yoga!

Workout summary

Monday Yoga (2 classes)
Tuesday F45 Strength workout
Wednesday Off (unintended - had to take a dog to the vet instead)
Thursday Yoga
Friday Off - chiro visit + sports massage, crazy work day, no time to get in a workout
Saturday Off - moving day
Sunday Yoga
Totals 4 yoga
1 strength

The good news is, after a bunch of yoga, a visit to the chiropractor, and a deep tissue massage, I think I may actually be able to attempt running this week! YAY!

I have another sports massage scheduled for Monday evening, so I'm thinking I'll try a short run on Wednesday. Usually the day after a sports massage I'm super sore, but two days after, I feel awesome, so Wednesday should be a good day to try a run. 

I'm ready to return to normal routines, a normal, healthy, pain-free body, and to get back on the road and shed the Christmas cookie/injury weight (and then some). In general, lately, I've really been feeling stretched well beyond my limits and need to to curb that. And the lack of running isn't helping with curbing stress, either. A return to a boring, normal routine will be a welcome change.

How was your week? Does it take you a while to get back to normal after the holidays?


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