Weekly Recap: Running in Paradise (2/26-3/4)

And Taking a break (finally)

Weekly recap - Bahamas

Last week, D and I headed to the Bahamas. It was a work trip for him, but it was a complete vacation for me. I had all these ideas that I was going to do blog planning and product planning, and all kinds of other planning while on vacation, but I decided I needed the break from everything to let my mind rest. I've been go, go, go for years now and haven't truly unplugged maybe ever? So this time, I took a break. 

We also left B home with grandma and grandma, so it was a week to just be us. I wasn't anyone's employee, boss, consultant, or parent. And it was awesome! I did yoga outside, I ran, I went to the beach, I made a fused glass pendant, and relaxed. I also made some new friends. It was a good week, you guys. 

We left on Thursday, so I still had a few days of the normal grind at home. I wrapped up a work project (mostly) and made sure my freelance clients were good to go while I took a break, and then packed it up and headed to paradise.

Before leaving, I did get in a few workouts, including an easy 3-miler on Tuesday and my first speedwork session in a long, long, long time on Wednesday! I hadn't intended to do speedwork, but when I felt the track under my feet, I couldn't help myself. 

My first track workout in a year(ish)

My first track workout in a year(ish)

I ended up doing a fairly easy speedwork session (as far as speedwork options go, at least) to just get my legs to remember what it felt like. After a 1 mile warm up, I ran the straights (15 times) hard(ish) and walked or jogged/slogged the curves, then did a cool down lap. Overall, it went well. No pain and my legs kind of remembered what to do. 

Unfortunately because of the work projects I needed to get done, I didn't have time to get to yoga or strength before heading out on vacation. But I did get to do yoga in the Bahamas, outside under the palm trees. I'll call that a win.

Not a bad place to do yoga (or to walk and go Shelling every morning)

Not a bad place to do yoga (or to walk and go Shelling every morning)

I also walked several miles every day while in the Bahamas, so even if I wasn't getting all of my workouts in, I was walking constantly. My Fitbit was really pleased with me then entire vacation and never yelled at me once to get up and move more. 

Workout Summary

Monday Off
Tuesday 3 mile run (easy)
Wednesday Speedwork (3 miles total, run the straights 15 times, slog the curves)
Thursday Travel day
Friday Yoga
Saturday 3 mile run in the Bahamas (easy)
Sunday Off
Totals 3 runs/9 miles
1 yoga

In general, it was a much, much, much needed break - both to unplug from work (for me), unplug from the blog and side business efforts, take a break from parenting (even though I missed the little dude like crazy) and spend some time with D just the two of us without the general nuttery of daily life (even if he still had to work on the trip). 

I'm planning to post a vacation recap (in pictures), so I'll just post a few here. 

Nassau Bahamas
Nassau Bahamas
Palm trees in the Bahamas

And that's a wrap! It was definitely a good week, but like all good things do eventually, vacation ended and it's time to get back to work. 

How was your week? Do you work out or run while you're on vacation or do you take a break from the daily exercise routine?


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