Weekly Recap: Keeping On (2/19-2/25)

Another successful week complete

Super short post coming up here. Last week was another good week in workouts and health for me. The temps were warm and the humidity was high, and I can definitely tell I've increased my workout intensity and frequency. But all things considered, it went really well. 


I missed a few days because D was out of town and I was busy with a research study, but that's just life. My week's aren't totally consistent and that's okay. The important thing is I'm healthy and able to get out and run without pain or discomfort. 

Here's the summary because I don't have time to talk about much more - I've got another busy week and we're heading off for the Bahamas on Thursday (yessss!):

Workout Summary

Monday Off
Tuesday 3 mile run
Wednesday Off
Thursday Strength training at F45
Friday Yoga
Saturday 3 mile run
Sunday 5 mile run
Totals 3 runs/11 miles
1 yoga
1 strength

As penance for my super short post (does anyone really care?), here are some pictures of our relaxing kayaking experience on Sunday. We're finally out on the water with those things, and it was B's first time in a kayak. He loved it!

kayaking on the tidal creek
tidal creek in charleston south carolina
views from the kayak


How was your week? 


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