Weekly Recap: A Sliver of Hope (2/12-2/18)


Woohoo! I ran 4 times last week! I'm not sure I remember the last time I ran 4 times in a week. It definitely was either December or November. Plus the weather has also been much better (warmer), which means more time outside for bike rides!

And I posted more than my weekly recap blog post, which you can find here:

What Matters

I'm trying to do better with posting more content that goes beyond what I did (or more often, what I didn't do) in the prior week. I used to this. Somewhere along the line I fell off the wagon.


So, it was a good week. I feel better than I've felt in a really long time (years maybe?). And while I'm still sad and missing my sweet Meadow Beagle (like crazy), my body is no longer heavy and achy from illness and injury, I recover right away from my workouts without DOMS affecting my next workout, and my hair is thicker. No really. Thicker hair is a really good thing, beyond vanity.

I've always had crazy thick hair, but with all of the health issues I had over the past year and a half or so, it had gotten just a bit thinner, as is typical with the particular issues I had. I got my hair cut on Friday and my stylist noticed that my hair was super thick again. She actually asked if I was pregnant since my hair was out-of-control thick back then (seriously, I couldn't get regular ponytail holders around it more than one time). It sounds superficial, but hair health is a reflection of overall health (specifically when we're talking about some of the issues I've had), so the fact that my hair is rebounding along with the rest of me is good. 

Anyway, enough about my hair. Here's how my week shook out:


The weather was beautiful, so I went for a short morning bike ride in the morning and then a yoga class in the evening. I almost didn't go to yoga, but I'm so glad I did. I only got one yoga class this week because of my schedule, but it was a good one.


Tuesday was a run day and a strength training day. I'm thoroughly enjoying my new run routes from our new house. They're peaceful and always have salt water views. Who can complain about that?

salt water sound views lowcountry


Valentines Day! This isn't something D and I have ever gone out of our way to celebrate, but B was really into it this year with his class party and that made it fun. D cooked dinner (salmon and spaghetti) and we had a nice evening at home, watching the Olympics. 


Normally (ideally), Thursday is a run plus strength day for me, but the weather was too gorgeous on Thursday evening to be trapped inside. So we went out for a family bike ride instead and caught an amazing sunset right after we got home.

lowcountry sunset charleston
charleston sunset


I wanted to go to yoga on Friday morning, but my schedule was just too packed and I had too much work to get done before heading out to the hair stylist at 3. I also hit up Stretch Zone for the first time in a while over lunch. With my piriformis injury, I couldn't really do anything at Stretch Zone without pain, so I haven't been there since the beginning of January. 

It was probably also good I took a rest day anyway, even though I was feeling good, since I put my body through more last week that I've done in a while.


Saturday morning, I headed out for another easy 3 miles. It was so windy and my legs were definitely feeling all that I put them through over the week. I wasn't sore, but I did feel a little bit of fatigue, which makes sense since I ran more and did more in general than I have in months. But I still felt way better than I felt before, so there's progress. 


My longest run in months (and months!) - 5 miles. That seems laughable that 5 miles was a long run for me, but every has to start (or restart) somewhere, right? After I got home from my run, we headed out for a 6-mile family bike ride. 

salt water views lowcountry charleston

Workout summary

3 mile bike ride
Monday 3 mile bike ride
Tuesday 3 mile run at 8:51 pace
Strength training at F45
Wednesday 3 mile bike ride
Thursday 3 mile run at 9:08 pace
Friday Off - Stretch Zone
Saturday 3 mile run @ 9:14 pace
Sunday 5 mile run at 9:24 pace
5 mile bike ride
Totals 4 runs/14 miles
4 bike rides
1 yoga
1 strength

I'm so glad to be back out there and running pain-free again. And to also not be sick and feeling better than I have in years. Running is fun again! 

How was your week? Is it feeling like spring where you are yet or is it still cold? 


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