Weekly Recap: Training Reboot Week 10 (5/28-6/3)

weekly recap

Countdown to Vacation

Short post alert. I'm currently on vacation in the Outer Banks, and last week was crazy with work projects and trying to get ready, as well as trying to recover from my health issues from the past few weeks. So, at this point, I'm just trying to relax.

While I am pretty sure my recent flare up is under control, I'm still on a longer term plan to help get me straightened out more permanently rather than having issues every few months. I'm on a short course of antibiotics (not the same ones that make me tired, but still...antibiotics) and then a long term antiseptic to attempt to clear out any lingering issues. 

What's crazy is how much I can actually see (in real data) how much the antibiotics from two weeks ago affected me. It actually increased my resting heart rate, which decreased my VO2 Max, which made me more tired and slower even if I felt like my effort was the same. 

So this past week was about recovery and vacation prep. My expectations were low. 

Workout Summary

Monday Off
Tuesday F45 strength workout
Wednesday Off
Thursday Run: 3 easy miles at 8:45
F45 strength workout
Friday Run: 3 easy miles at 9:21
Saturday Off
Sunday Run: 3 easy miles at 8:46 pace
Totals 3 runs/9 miles
Total workouts: 5


No workout. Not much else to see here.


I skipped my run on Tuesday and just did F45 instead. Again, not much to see here.


No workout. I had some work craziness to take care of, along with trying to get ready for our vacation. Not ideal, but life happens.


I got in two workouts on Thursday: an easy run and an F45 strength workout. And summer is definitely here. It was hot and the air felt like a wet blanket.


Since my schedule was off a bit, I decided to get out for a run on Friday to at least get a few more runs in for the week. I had a little bit of tiredness from my double workout day the day before, but still had a good run.


I had intended to run on Saturday morning, but with all of the packing and prepping we had to do for vacation, I skipped the run. And then we drove 8 hours through the middle of nowhere to get to the Outer Banks.


Our first day of vacation in the Outer Banks! Since I couldn't find a solid run route and I was stiff from the 8 hour drive the day before, I just did an easy 3 miler, partially on the beach. And the sand was not packed at all, so that was quite a workout!

I'll be spending the next week in a beach house and doing lots of swimming, surfing (or attempting to), paddleboarding, and bike riding. I'll get in some runs in, too. But mostly, I'm excited to relax a little bit and not have work or a freelance project taking up my brain space. 

With that, I'll leave you with my Sunday Runday views:

shells and the beach

How was your week? Do you feel like life is extra crazy when you're trying to get ready for vacation? 


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