Weekly Recap: Training Reboot Week 9 (5/21-5/27)

weekly wrap

Hitching a ride on the struggle bus

I'm still hitting some bumps on this training reboot, although I'm still getting in most runs and miles. 

I'm dealing with a recurrent infection of the same variety I dealt with in the fall (for 5 months or something insane like that). This time, I think (I hope) we caught it early, I got the right treatment (instead of playing antibiotic roulette), and I also went to a specialist who has me on a new longterm treatment plan to try to get this noise straightened out. 

But, given that I was fighting infection and on antibiotics that zap my energy last week, my running was...less than stellar. Clearly, I've got a delicate ecosystem going on here because one issue can completely negate all of the training ramp up and make running really suck. 

Adding to that, work has been absolutely crazy to the point where I've had to put all freelance work on hold. I'm completely overloaded right now and barely have time for anything else. So that means I missed some workouts outside of running last week, which isn't a good thing. 

Thank goodness for 3-day weekends and a vacation coming up the first week of June.

The temps and humidity also started climbing last week (80s, sunny, 90-100% humidity, dew points in the high 70s - all good things, all good things). So, I think I just hit a perfect storm of health issues, work stress, and weather that knocked me off my game and sent me bumping down the road on the Struggle Bus Express. 

The good news? My asthma is doing great! I'm not having breathing or wheezing issues at all. I'd say "small favors," but that's actually pretty huge. And I also got in 4 runs last week, which is what I'm shooting for these days. 

Workout Summary

Monday Off
Tuesday Run: 3 easy miles at 9:10 pace
F45 strength workout
Wednesday Off
Thursday Run: 5 easy miles at 9:26 pace
Friday Off
Saturday Run: 3 easy miles at 9:19 pace
Sunday Long run: 7 miles at 9:26 pace
Totals 4 runs/18 miles
Total workouts: 5


No workout. Still missing Mondays. Still okay with it.


I wasn't feeling awesome on Tuesday in general and I ended up getting out to run 2 hours later than planned, so I just ran 3 easy miles in the blazing sun. It was hot. In the evening, I managed to get myself to my one strength workout of the week at F45.  


No workout. Not good. Work was nuts and I had an appointment in the afternoon which took time away from my workout schedule.


I got back on the road under the blazing sun on Thursday and logged 5 easy, sweaty, humid, disgusting miles. 


Another nutty workday. Another missed workout. Sigh. 


Just 3 easy miles. Not much to see here.


I was supposed to run 9 miles, but I my legs didn't really want to move much, so I decided to do 7. This actually ended up being my best run of the week as far as how I was feeling, so hopefully now that I'm done with those antibiotics that make me tired and weak, I'll start bouncing back.

salt water views

And that was it. Another week just trying to get through it. I suppose I did okay. 

How was your week? What did you do for the long holiday weekend? 


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