Sunday Shopping: Miami, Miami, You've Got Style

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A friend of mine recently snagged some pretty sweet Golden Girls artwork. And I admit, I’m jealous. (Also, please tell me someone other than me gets the reference in my title here.)

I have always loved The Golden Girls and their #retirementgoals. These ladies were ahead of their time - tackling tough and controversial social issues with grace, grit, and friendship, plus their Miami house decor was on-point 1980s Tropical Boho. Goals all around.

So I went searching around for some Golden Girls artwork for myself and found some sweet prints of the Golden Girls’ house by artist Liz Frankland.

And no worries, if you’re not interested in prints, you can buy other Golden Girls goodness like trays, coasters, wall hangings, mugs, and more. I also came across a house floorplan print by nikneuk.

Happy Sunday!