Weekly Recap: I Need a Treadmill (2/18-2/24)

Sunset at the beach - we finally spent some time there last week!

Sunset at the beach - we finally spent some time there last week!

I need a treadmill, you guys.

Actually, I need two treadmills. Stay with me here. I’m serious.

I’ve been saying I need at least one for years. Not because I just love me some treadmill running (I don’t), but because my schedule is so unpredictable and my husband’s weekly work travel schedule sucks and those two things combined make it hard for me to get in all the runs I want to get in in a week. Plus during the summer it can be dangerously hot here and again, because of my schedule the opportune times to run (weather-wise) don’t work for me. And sometimes, the opportune times to run are 1 or 2 a.m. Yeah. No.

At the moment I’m glad I’m not training for anything because it would have been fully derailed in the past few weeks.

So that’s treadmill #1: for running and keeping up with running even when my schedule sucks (which is all the time). It will live in our climate controlled garage. My only issue is I have no idea what kind to get.

What about treadmill #2? Yeah, I’m serious here. And for that one I do know what I want.

Back when I worked in an office, I used to get up and walk around a lot. Trips to the coffee shop or kitchen (depending on the office), walks across the campus and just generally getting up to stretch my legs. In one office, our coffee shop (Starbucks) on campus was at least a quarter mile walk and I’d make it a few times back and forth each day (I was highly caffeinated). The cafeteria was almost as far and I made that walk every day as well. Even walking to the bathroom was a decent distance.

Now that I work from home, those walks don’t happen and I sit a lot more than I’d prefer to be sitting. I try to get my dogs out for a walk at least once a day, but even that isn’t enough. Days I don’t run I barely get in 10,000 steps. This isn’t acceptable.

Enter: Treadly.

I posted about this in a prior Sunday Shopping post, but it’s worth mentioning again. And no, I’m not an affiliate. I just really want this treadmill.

Treadly is the perfect, semi-portable treadmill that folds away when it’s not in use. With only a top speed of 5mph (about a 12 minute mile), it’s not going to be something I can use to run. But, it’s perfect for my office. I can roll it out during meetings and walk, walk, walk. I could probably even get it up to the 5mph and still conduct meetings. And when I’m done, I can roll it under the daybed until next time. Perfect! I get in more steps and I don’t have to have an unsightly treadmill hanging about in my office all the time.

A Treadly treadmill can just slide right under that daybed when not in use

A Treadly treadmill can just slide right under that daybed when not in use

The week in Workouts

  Monday   Off
  Tuesday   Orangetheory Fitness
  Wednesday   Off
  Thursday   Orangetheroy Fitness
  Friday   Off
  Saturday   Off
  Sunday   Run: 3 miles
  Totals   3 runs (including Orangtheory) / 3 miles road, 6-7 treadmill (OTF)
  Total workouts: 3 (ugh)

As you can see, I didn’t do so well with workouts last week. Not only was my schedule crazy, there was a lot of exhausting stuff happening. And I had a bit of an allergy flare up that made me extra tired.

I’ve been feeling super stiff lately because I haven't done yoga in eons. But that will soon be remedied because a hot yoga studio (power flow style) is opening near my house, and I’ll be there! Can’t wait.

In other news, we took Willow on her first beach walk on Sunday. It’s safe to say, this girl loves the beach and is loving her new life with us. She comes out of her shell more and more each day.

And I did a little bit of crafting with my son in the past few weeks - a dolphin rainbow necklace (my own design), some tissue paper transfer art (thanks to Koala Krate) and clay dragon eggs (from We Craft Box).

Two things that keep me sane: the beach and art/creativity. Much needed.

Our four fur-girls at the beach

Our four fur-girls at the beach

Crafting with B

Crafting with B

So how was your week? Do you have a treadmill? Have you ever used one for work meetings (or if you’re in an office, have you ever done walking meetings)?

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