Destination: Thunder Road

It's finally here! Tomorrow is Marathon Day. It's so hard to believe that the past few months of training are actually over and tomorrow I'll be running 26.2 miles! Time flies when you run all the time, right?

After the pain of an IT band injury during peak training weeks(which - fingers crossed - is healed and won't bother me tomorrow) and months of passing up Friday night fun with my friends so I could get up on Saturday for long runs, I'm ready for this.

Even better, I exceeded my

fundraising goal

and now more homeless pets will get the health treatments and basic care they so desperately need.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who supported me through this crazy endeavor. I'll post an update as soon I'm done icing my knees!

What I'm wearing in that picture up there:

Compression pants: Old Navy

Green thermal top: Under Armour

Purple t-shirt: Designed by me, ordered from

Logo Sportswear

Shoes: Brooks Pure Cadence (I love these things!)