Outfitted: Halloween 2012 - Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox

My husband generally isn't into couples costumes. Mostly because the last time we did one, we went as Fred and Daphne from the Scooby Gang and he had to wear an awful blond wig that gave him a headache. So, I was pretty surprised that he suggested another couples idea this year. I guess 6 years is long enough for him to get over the deep emotional scars that wig left behind. But really, I think it's because it gave him an excuse to wear flannel and leave the razor in the bathroom cabinet for a few days.

These were super easy costumes for both of us, though. Mine literally came together the day before our Halloween festivities. I picked up a blue dress (from

Urban Outfitters

) that I'll likely wear again, bought a cowbell at a craft store, horns/headband at a costume shop, cheap tights at Target, and wore a pair of obnoxious gold sparkly booties that I already had in my closet (don't ask). D only needed to buy suspenders and a fake ax. So, cheap, fast, easy, and fairly unique (and no blond wig for D).

Halloween_2012-10-27 08.30

Obligatory "I have a fake weapon as part of my Halloween costume, so I'm going to pretend to attack my wife with it" photo.

My dogs wanted to show off their costumes, too.