Hello, 2013!

So, here we are. A fresh, new year, the stopwatch set back to zero. Without doubt 2012 was a banner year for me, including knocking out some of the bigger goals and harder challenges on my 35 Before 35 list. And while I'm not much for making resolutions, I'm still excited to see what 2013 brings. But mostly, I'm looking forward to slowing down and taking it easy.

Last year, I ran my marathon. I finished grad school. I finally moved out of PA. And now, I really just want to enjoy life. No major challenges, no crazy goals. Just working (slowly, quietly) on things that already exist - like my pet photography business and running/racing goals, and maybe this blog. I'd like to get out my sketchbook and start drawing again, maybe make a few pieces of jewelry, or learn how to make sushi.

This year, I'm basking.

As for my running goals this year, initially, I had thought I'd run another marathon in the fall, but now I'm thinking that I'll just stick to a few half marathons and really focus on training, putting more miles under my legs, and getting faster. I'm already running training runs significantly faster but at the same level of effort as I was when I first started running. Hopefully, this is the year of a 23 minute 5K, of a 1:45 half-marathon, of a sub-50 minute 10K. By focusing on these smaller races and better training, I think by 2014 I'll be ready to tackle a marathon again, and hopefully, get a Boston-qualifier time. But this year, I'll lay the groundwork for that.

So it's not that I'm being lazy this year. That's just not my style, no matter what. I'm just more relaxed. There's not pressure or deadlines on me to finish anything, so I can just do things as the mood strikes. And that, my friends, is a wonderful feeling. Cheers to 2013!