Weekly Workouts: Week Ending 1/13/13

Since I have all of this time on my hands and because I have several racing PR goals set for this year, I thought it would be nice to keep myself accountable on the public forum of my blog (for all 2 of my readers). So, each Sunday(ish), I'll post my weekly workouts from the previous Monday through Sunday, including barre classes, boot camps (finally signed up for one that starts in March!), and running mileage.

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Freedom Park, one of my favorite places to run in Charlotte. Taken this week during my Sunday run.

I've got a half marathon next weekend in Charleston, and I'm feeling a bit undertrained* thanks to my final semester of grad school, the holidays, and getting a horrible case of the flu for a week during what was supposed to be my peak training week. For some reason, I thought I'd have a lot more time between the marathon and this race, but I grossly over estimated that. And so, I'm not expecting a stellar finish, but I am hoping to do better than my last (and first) half, and given the state and pace of my current training runs, I think this is definitely within reach.

But anyway, enough yammering, here's what my training looked like this week:

Weekly workouts:
Monday: 3.5 miles
Tuesday: This arm workout 2x's through, 25 reps each time, 8 pound weights
Wednesday: Rest, but not intentionally. Originally had a 3.5 mile run planned, but work and other obligations left me without time to do this.
Thursday: Pure Barre
Friday: 3.5 miles
Saturday: 9 miles + 2 mile jog/cool down with Dave afterward
Sunday: 3.1 miles
Total Miles: 21.5

Training for:
Charleston Half Marathon (1/19/13)
Alston + Bird LLP Corporate Cup Half Marathon (3/9/13)

*I suppose I'm used to running undertrained since I was also undertrained for the marathon. My highest mileage week was 32 miles with most other weeks coming in between 18 and 20. It's a wonder I finished that race without dying, really.