Bake, Make, Create: Crepe Fail

So I never said all of my Bake, Make, Create posts would be success stories. After all, life's not perfect. And so, I bring you my Giant Floppy, Soggy Crepe Fail.

I've made crepes from scratch before and they've turned out okay - not crepery delicious, but enough to get me through in a pinch, so I was pretty excited when I found this crepe mix from Charleston Crepe Company at Reid's Fine Foods, one of my favorite local markets. For those lazy days when mixing all of the dry ingredients is just too much of an effort (don't judge me), or for when I don't have some of those ingredients in the house, this was perfect.


I followed the directions on the container, halving the recipe, then promptly forgetting that I had halved the recipe and adding butter as if I had used the whole container. I'm no pastry chef, but I'm pretty sure this is where things went awry. Instead of ending up with a crispy, delicate, tasty crepe, I got this:

crepe mistake

Um. Yum?

Fairly certain there was a good amount of user error involved here, so I'm going to give it another go soon with the other half of the container (and the right amount of butter). But I must say, despite their soggy appearance, the crepes didn't actually taste bad, so I'm hoping by fixing the butter blunder I'll avoid the soggy crepe fail next time.