Race Recap: CPCC Skyline 5K

One year ago this week, I took the first step in my running journey. I laced up my (awful, horrible, ill-fitting) sneakers and went for a three mile run around my neighborhood. After years of talking about wanting to run, I finally just ran. Two months later, after relocating to Charlotte, I ran my first 5K with a time of 26:51. And there was no stopping me after that experience. I loved racing. Loved it. Almost as much as my beagles love rolling around in mud (and just to put it in perspective, rolling in mud is one of their favorite pastimes).

So it was a nice little runniversary celebration today to go out and run a 5K. Even better? I PR'd by more than two minutes from last summer's 25:59 PR with a time of 23:53! My 5K goal for this year was to run a sub-24 minute race. I guess I underestimated myself because I thought it would take all summer to get there and I hit it on the first race. So, I suppose I need to adjust my goals accordingly (maybe a sub-23 minute 5K is what I should be shooting for?).

Since it's been so long since I've run a 5K and my racing life has consisted mostly of long races over the past several months, I got a little lax in my pre-race prep and must have eaten something (not sure what) that disagreed with me on Friday because I spent Friday evening feeling like someone had punched me in the stomach, popping Pepto like candy, and hoping the feeling would go away while I slept. It mostly did, but I was tired and queasy this morning. If I had not had a race this morning, I would have pulled the covers up over my head when the alarm went off, and stayed in bed for a few more hours. But, as any runner can tell you, running is just as much mental as it is physical. And I had goals of PR'ing today, so I got up and got myself to the race.

And despite not feeling 100 percent, I managed to pep talk myself into a PR and convince my legs to keep moving when I really just wanted to stop, and I feel like I actually raced this course today instead of just running.

As for the course, it's a typical Charlotte course, with some small rolling inclines and one bigger hill in mile one. The best thing about this course, though, is the downhill finish in the last 3/4 mile. It is amazing, especially after so many races here with uphill finishes. I'm sure it's also helpful that I no longer run in those awful, horrible, ill-fitting sneakers from my first run, and have proper running shoes after getting fitted at a local running store.

CPCC Sklyine 5K 2013 Race t-shirt

And I usually don't mention the race shirts they give out, but this one is particularly nice. I know a lot of runners get all excited when they give out tech t-shirts (or women's t-shirts instead of one-gender-fits-all), but this race gave out super soft (and slouchy!) grey American Apparel t-shirts with artwork designed by students at Central Piedmont Community College (the college was the beneficiary for the race, too). So I finally have a race t-shirt I might actually wear when I'm not sleeping or running. Good stuff. Other races, take note!

Sorry for the lack of actual event pictures here. Usually I'm a little more camera happy, but the only decent picture I got at the race was of Dave coming in at the finish line. He ran his second 5K today and PR'd by more than two minutes! I'd say that's worth a picture, right?
CPCC skyline 5k finish line