Recent Snapshots: Winter Weather, Creativity, and Beagles

To be honest, there hasn't been too much going on over here lately. I've been too sick and tired to do much of anything since suffering from an upper respiratory infection that left my asthma totally out of control. I've been using a nebulizer and steroids so I can breathe again and get up off the couch without passing out, so that's been fun. But there's still been some signs of life floating about, so here they are:

I suppose this qualifies as snow here in Charleston. Compared to what I grew up with and what's currently happening in many other parts of the country, this is laughable, but it shut down the whole city for a few days. My dogs did not approve, but at least we got to use our fireplace for the first time!

I've been trying to do more creative/artistic things since I've been feeling so completely drained in that area recently. Since transitioning from the creative/artistic side of my field to the analytical/strategy side, I've been feeling like I've lost some strength in the artistic muscle that used to be so strong. It's sort of depressing (I have an MFA for crying out loud - what's wrong with me right now?!).

So to remedy this, I got out some beads and made a few pieces of jewelry (with more coming soon, I hope). I also went to Wine & Design in Mount Pleasant with some friends and picked up a paint brush for the first time in a very long time (actually, I picked up the wrong paint brush since I was too busy chatting and, as a result, completely butchered my palm trees).

And back in the fall, I bought all some more watercolor supplies. Sadly, they still look just as new now as they did then, but once I'm feeling better, I'll change that. I signed up for a watercolor class on Skillshare, so really, it's just a matter of logging in and getting started.

Oh, and I redesigned my blog header (again), so that counts for something, right?

And of course, since I've been at home a lot, I've been spending lots of time with these furry faces. How bad can life be when I've got such sweet beagles to hang out with?