Training Log: Pregnancy Weeks 19, 20, and 21

After running the Charleston Half three weeks ago, I was feeling pretty good and even planned on running another half marathon last weekend, but right after the race, I got smacked with both a sinus and upper respiratory infection. Combine that with asthma and pregnancy, and it was all I could do to drag it into work every day, let alone log more miles.

Instead of going to the doctor right away, I stupidly let it go until last Monday, hoping it would resolve itself. It didn't and I ended up going to urgent care after nearly passing out at work. I've been on antibiotics since then and have been feeling much better the past few days.

But unfortunately, I didn't get to the doctor soon enough to feel better for the other half marathon that I was hoping to run (thankfully, I hadn't registered so no cash lost there). That was probably my last opportunity for a half marathon until fall, which makes me a little sad. There are a few in April, but I'm not so sure I want to do those long training runs right now nor am I sure I'll be able to run a half marathon at 7-8 months pregnant.

Speaking of pregnancy and running, the only side effects I'm seeing right now are mostly ones I've already been dealing with: slowness (but I'm not really much slower than I was a month ago) and needing to keep every run very easy. A new one that's popped up on the past two runs is the immediate need to pee as soon as I start running even if I just went five times right before going out. On my most recent run, that feeling went away after about a half mile, but on the one before that, it hung around for the full 3 miles. So that's fun.

Even though I've only run three times in the past three weeks, I've still been pretty good at keeping up with cross training at cardio barre classes and using workout DVDs at home, so I haven't been just camping out on my couch eating copious amounts of mint chocolate chip ice cream (although, the consuming of copious amounts of mint chocolate chip ice cream may have still happened).

I'm loving the workout DVDs I just bought (Burn and Pure Barre Prenatal 1) and they've been great to have the option of working out at home with the dusting of snow and ice we had last week that shut down the city (the South does not do snow, ya'll).

So here's what my training looked like over the past few weeks:

Week Ending 1/26 (Pregnancy Week 19)

Monday - Cardio Barre

Wednesday - Cardio Barre

Saturday - Burn Workout DVD

Week Ending 2/2 (Pregnancy Week 20)

Monday - Run: 2 miles

Thursday - Pure Barre Prenatal DVD

Friday - Burn Workout DVD

Sunday - Run: 3 miles

Week Ending 2/9 (Pregnancy Week 21)

Thursday - Pure Barre Prenatal DVD

Friday - Pure Barre Prenatal DVD

Saturday - Run: 3 miles

Sunday - Walk: 1 mile, Pure Barre Prenatal DVD

And here's what I'm looking like these days with my 22 week baby bump: