Studio/Sunroom/Den Inspirations: Global Bohemian

I haven't been very inspired to decorate our new house since we moved in last September, but I figured now that we'll be spending more time at home and there's a baby on the way, I should probably make it look like someone actually lives here.

Other than buying a new (teal!) couch for the living room and painting the walls, I haven't done much. (Technically, I didn't paint the walls, either - a painting company did. I just picked the paint.)  I've always loved color, but shied awy from colorful furniture. So much commitment! What if I hate it after a few weeks? Then I figured, I could just as easily hate a neutral couch in a few weeks as I could a teal one. So I bought the teal couch. Several months later, I'm still thrilled with it even if the rest of my living room looks totally unfinished (for now).

But since buying that teal couch, the colorful furniture bug has taken hold and now I want colorful furniture everywhere! We still need a couch in my studio/office (which also functions as a small den/sunroom), along with several other finishing touches. Our house has a open floor plan, so the colors need to flow together but not be overwhelming. So, I decided to use teal as an accent color in that room and go on the hunt for a lilac couch. Originally, I was going to do an ink blue, but a lilac couch is just so unexpected and creative, and also relaxing. Maybe someday I'll want a nice, neutral couch, but that someday is not today and not for any time in the foreseeable future.

1 - Magical Thinking Star Tile Curtain, Urban Outfitters |  2 - Vintage Giraffes, Beautiful Line | 3 - Turquoise Blue Geode Bookends, Blane Modern Vintage | 4 - Jackson Table, World Market |  5 - Orianna Sofa, Anthropologie | 6 - Peacock Pillow Case, Static Movement | 7 - Tobias Chair, IKEA | 8 - Carved Wood Coffee Table, West Elm