Pregnancy weeks 25-30 + recent snapshops

So far my third trimester has been much better than the first two. I'm still tired because, well, I'm pregnant, but I've been able to work out at least 4 days a week, including a little bit of running! Nothing crazy because a lot of the time running is just uncomfortable, but I try to get in a few miles a week. Everything else is barre and cycling.

With the exception of a stomach bug last weekend while we were in Hilton Head (which forced us to come home early), I'm feeling pretty good! After the second trimester plague of constant near-fainting spells followed by various testing to find out what was causing them (i.e., nothing other than plan old pregnancy), it's been nice to be able to move around again.

Other than a bit of working out, I've also been able to have a little more fun, so here are some snapshots of recent happenings:

I broke out the watercolor pencils and did some quick sketches for some jewelry designs. I also went to a local bead store, Beads & Brushstrokes, and took a beading class with a few friends, and had a ton of fun! I'm going back again next weekend. And I picked up a dog artist's model because why not? He's happily perched on my desk now.

I'm still not in maternity clothes, but I do mostly like wearing dresses or pants in my regular size with an elastic waistband. Lucky for me, these pants (and shorts have been easy to find this season!). I can still fit in most of my jeans except the skinniest, smallest ones, and the rubber band trick is still working. I'm sure I'll need a BeBand soon, though. I keep saying that, but it's bound to happen at some point, right? All of these pictures are from this past week (week 30).

And of course, lots of beach time with (and without) the puppies.