My fall to-do list

My favorite time of the year is August through December, mostly because I love late summer and fall (and the holidays). There's nothing quite like a crisp fall day spent raking leaves or visiting a pumpkin patch. Of course, we don't get very many crisp fall days here in Charleston, but I can dream, right? And we still have pumpkin patches and fun Halloween events here, so even if the weather is summery and I'm sporting flip flops and shorts instead of jeans and sweaters, I can still get my fill of fall fun.


  • Run a 5k.
  • Run a 10k.
  • Lose the remainder of the baby weight, get back into all of my clothes, and regain most of my fitness and endurance.

Fun stuff

  • Go to a festival/local fall event/pumpkin patch.
  • Get everyone dressed up for Halloween and attend an event.
  • Go to Second Sunday on King Street (we've lived here for over a year and haven't made it to one of these yet!)
  • Spend a fall morning at the beach, beachcomb for shells and relax with my boys.

House decorating and organization

  • Finish decorating B's nursery (he's 3 months old - I'm a little behind on this).
  • Paint our front door purple (Pantone's Dewberry to be specific).
  • Decorate the front porch for fall. 
  • Organize (and purge) my closet, including jewelry (it's been a while and my lifestyle has certainly changed in every possible way since the last purge).


  • Take monthly pictures of Baby B and print them for the frame his aunt bought us (even if I only use my iPhone since my DSLR is dying a slow, painful death and I need to upgrade soon).
  • Take a watercolor class on Skillshare.  
  • Step away from the screen and make something. Art, jewelry, whatever. Just something that doesn't involved a computer. 


  • Take the Skillcrush 10-day coding bootcamp (must. learn. to. code. proficiently.).