February recap {by the numbers}


I started monthly recaps back in August or September and then promptly forgot about them. But I'm going to try to get better about that, so here's February's recap.

  • Total miles: 87.35
  • Average pace: 8:47/mile
  • Stroller runs: 3
  • Speedwork sessions: 0 (oops)
  • Hill repeat sessions: 2
  • Races: 1
  • PRs: 1 
  • Crosstraining: 2
  • Strength/core workouts: 7

Some highlights:

  • This was my highest mileage month since September 2013 (pre-pregnancy) when I ran 71.46 miles. It was my 4th highest mileage month ever since I started running. And February is a short month, so go me!
  • I PR'd in the 5K distance.
  • I hit faster paces for my easy training runs than I've hit in a long time, and even had some training pace PRs.
  • I started running with little B in his stroller. Family ride-runs are back!

February was a good month! I hoping to get my mileage up a little bit higher in March as I get ready for my next half marathon.