Skidaway Island half marathon training weeks 6 and 7 (3/2-3/8 and 3/9-3/15)

Not my greatest weeks, these past two weeks - for blogging, running, or otherwise. I got hit with a pretty nasty virus of some kind (the flu maybe?) while I was prepping for a work conference two weeks ago and it lasted right through said conference last week (where I was a presenter). I ended up with a ragingly sore throat, body aches, headache, a cough, waking up with my eyes pussed shut (pretty!), and hardly any voice, all of which explains the asthma attack I had two Wednesdays ago that cut my intended 6-miler down to a 3-miler - illness was encroaching. I should have known, since I don't just randomly have asthma attacks without illness involved.

weekly workouts
weekly workouts

None of this was exactly conducive to running. Or presenting at a conference. But hey, I was in sunny Florida under some beautiful palm trees, so I managed to get in a few runs while there in an attempt to sweat out the toxins (side note: didn't work). And my presentations went well. Thank goodness for microphones to amplify my barely audible rasp.

Even more good news: I didn't skip either of my long runs the past two weeks, so yay me. That last long run officially put me at the most long runs over 10 miles I've ever run while training for a half marathon. That would be three long runs; the most I've ever run before is two. And I have at least one more 10-plus-miler on my schedule Maybe two more, depending on how I'm feeling during "taper" week, which really won't be taper week at all, because how exactly (and why) does one taper from running an approximate average of 20-23 miles per week?

Bad news: no crosstraining and minimal strength/core work. My work schedule did get a little crazy, so now that things are mostly back to normal, I'm thinking I may try out the cycling/fitness studio right near my house for some crosstraining. I'd rather spin than elliptical (ellipt?). Anyway, yeah, biking is more fun for me than the elliptical, plus there are combo classes with spin and strength. Two birds, one stone. Good deal.

In summary (too long, didn't read):

The weeks in workouts:


  • Monday: Strength/core: Bodyflow 
  • Tuesday: OFF
  • Wednesday: Run - 3.02 miles (8:48 pace)
  • Thursday: Strength/core: CoreFusion DVD
  • Friday: OFF
  • Saturday: Group run - 10.63 miles (9:18 pace)
  • Sunday: OFF

Total miles: 13.65

Total runs: 2

Total core/strength workouts: 2

Total crosstraining: 0 


  • Monday: OFF
  • Tuesday: Run - 3.04 miles (8:30 pace)
  • Wednesday: OFF
  • Thursday: Run - 3 miles (no watch)
  • Friday: OFF
  • Saturday: Group run - 11.04 miles (9:17 pace)
  • Sunday: OFF

Total miles: 17.08

Total runs: 3

Total core/strength workouts: 0

Total crosstraining: 0