Weekly Recap: The Nuttery is in Full Swing (2/11-2/17)

From where I stand

If 2019 was off to a bit of a slow start (and I’m not even so sure about that - it may have just been me), February has gone completely crazy behind the wheel. AndI’m pretty sure it’s left me stranded on the side of the road wondering what the heck happened. At least that’s how I’m feeling right now.

I was all smug and proud of myself to getting my stuff together with some goals in January and half of February, but last week…oh, last week. Those just all fell to the wayside. It was a pretty normal week, as far as weeks go, I suppose. Husband out of town for work for most of the workweek, work craziness for me all of the workweek, and a bit of fun with friends on the weekend. There was a bit of extra work stress for me with some not-so-fun things going on, and I guess that took a bit of a toll, too. And I missed a few workouts, which is just standard operating procedure around here, but never good for my mental state.

I may have been almost too busy to enjoy it, but we had some pretty spectacular sunsets this week

I may have been almost too busy to enjoy it, but we had some pretty spectacular sunsets this week

But by the end of the week, I was completely exhausted, and I kid you not, on Sunday I was in bed by 7:45. Not asleep, but in bed. My entire body ached, my mind felt like a bowl of jello that some crazed child had stuck their hands in and swirled around, and my eyelids felt like rocks.

I think this was probably because I was out on both Friday and Saturday nights, and had 5 glasses of wine between the two nights (2 Friday, 3 Saturday). This is more than I normally drink in a 6 month period. I think the wine (and the past midnight bedtime on Saturday) just wiped me out. So #ThisIs39…apparently.


  Monday   Off
  Tuesday   Orangetheory Fitness
  Wednesday   Off
  Thursday   Run - 3 miles
  Friday   Off
  Saturday   Run - 3 miles
  Sunday   Run: 5 miles
  Totals   4 runs (including Orangtheory) / 11 miles road, 3ish treadmill (OTF)
  Total workouts: 4

But…but! I’m not letting the nuttery of last week derail me. Like I decided during Holiday Council when planning for this year, two of my ways of being (WOB) are resilience and agile. And that means bouncing back and pivoting when necessary. It also means giving myself some grace when weeks just don’t work out the way I planned.

So other than the typical schedule craziness of my week, the family also spent our first full week with Miss Willow Rose Beagle and she has already stolen a piece of my heart. It’s crazy how fast these furballs can do that. She’s such a sweet, precious girl, and like all of our other beasts, I know she was meant to be with our family. Her progress from being untrusting and scared to crawling up on the couch and snuggling with me in less than a week is amazing. I can’t wait to see more of this girl’s personality as she gets more and more comfortable here.

Willow loves hanging out in my office

Willow loves hanging out in my office

Office dogs

Office dogs

And with that, I’m putting the nuttery of last week behind me and hoping this week gets back on track, if only for a few moments.

How was your week?

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