What's Your (Enneagram) Type?

palm trees at sunset in california

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I started my college career as a psychology major. During my first semester I somehow decided to completely pivot my life plans (what can you expect of a barely 18-year-old?) and changed my major to music (vocal performance/musical theatre). Then, inspired by my desire to not live in a cardboard box in New York City and my love for eating actual meals instead of Ramen, I ended up switching my major again my junior year to communications (journalism and graphic design).

But somehow, my career still managed to come full circle from that winding college journey (grad school probably helped a bit). While I’m not a psychologist, I am a design and product researcher, and that has deep roots in psychology theory and practices. And design, of course.

And I still find things related to psychology interesting, including personality frameworks. One of the more fascinating of those for me is Enneagram.

I’ve taken several variations of the quiz to figure out which of the Nine Types I am (including the official one from the Enneagram Institute) and I am always, without doubt a Type Seven. Otherwise known as The Enthusiast who wants to do all the things.

Scary accurate. As clearly demonstrated by my bouncing ball of a college journey. That’s reflective of my life in general, my friends. Even though the Mesozoic Era is long gone, my habits continue.

So many interests, so little time, so many things to do and see (what’s next?), lots of restlessness, definite issues with focus. But once I do focus, watch out. It’s happening and it’s going to be big. (Side note: in some quizzes, I’m a Seven with an Eight Wing, but I don’t find that quite as accurate.)

So given my love of both music and psychology, and my fascination with Enneagram, imagine my complete thrill when I learned that Sleeping at Last (often featured on Grey’s Anatomy, another love of mine) created songs for each Enneagram type? Music meets Enneagram? Yes, please.

So far they’ve released eight of the nine types. And I’m in love with the song about my type (Atlas: Seven). Man, does it ever describe me - feeling like I’m sinking if I stay in one place (literally or metaphorically), traveling light, always looking toward what’s next, but in spite of that still wanting to establish roots. Yeah.


Give it a listen below (along with the lyrics), and check out Sleeping at Last’s blog post about it, including a podcast. Any other Type Sevens out there relate to this?


by Sleeping at Last

how nice it’d be if we could try everything.
i’m serious, let’s make a list and just begin.
“what about danger?” so what. “what about risk?”
let’s climb this mountain before we cross that bridge!

‘cause i’m restless, i’m restless, i’m restless
for whatever comes next.

how wonderful to see a smile on your face.
it costs farewell tears for a welcome-home parade.
a secret handshake between me and my one life:
i’ll find the silver lining no matter what the price.
‘cause i’m hungry, oh i’m hungry, i’m hungry
for whatever comes next.

let me tell you another secret of the trade-
it feels like sinking when i’m standing in one place.
so i look to the future and i book another flight.
when everything feels heavy, i’ve learned to travel light.

but i want to be here.
truly. be. here.
to watch the ones that i love bloom.
and i want to make room
to love them through and through and through
and through the slow and barren seasons too.

i feel hope
deep in my bones
tomorrow will be beautiful

and i’m ready, God i’m ready, oh i’m ready,
restless and hungry, but i’m ready
for whatever comes next.


And no worries, if you’re not a Seven - you can catch all of Sleeping at Last’s Enneagram tunes on Spotify (except Nine, which hasn’t been released yet) and podcasts about each one their website. (I also love Atlas: One, for Type One.)

And if you’re curious about your type, you can take the official quiz on the Enneagram Institute site for $12, or a free version.