Weekly Recap: Training Reboot Week 8 (5/14-5/20)

weekly recap may 14-20

Minor Setbacks, forging ahead

My training reboot continues, but it wouldn't be my running story if it didn't have multiple setbacks every time I try to do something, right? And of course I've been chugging along too well and for too long to not hit a bump in the road. 

And last week, I hit that bump. I ended up with another UTI (like the one that took me out for 5 months in the fall). However, this time (I think, I hope), we got to it faster with the right treatment since I have a doctor who is well aware of my history. I refuse to go to urgent care ever again for a UTI since that's what started this whole mess in the first place. 

Anyway, despite the issues, I still managed to get in my miles last week and I ran a race (emphasis on "ran" not "race") in some crazy weather! So while I may have been a bit down last week, I'm not out!

Workout Summary

Monday Off
Tuesday Run: 3 easy miles at 8:13 pace
Wednesday Run: 3 easy miles at 8:43 pace
Thursday Run: 4 easy miles at 8:50
Friday Off
Saturday Run: Run Sunset Beach 5K and 1 mile fun run (with B)
Sunday Long run: 7 miles at 9:14 pace
Totals 5 runs/21 miles
Total workouts: 5


No workout. I've said this before, but I'm definitely okay with missing a Monday. Mondays tend to be really busy for me, so it's a good day to take a rest day.


While I planned to run 6 miles on Tuesday, my body had other ideas. I felt great as far as lungs and legs go, but I had some weird discomfort akin to that months-long infection ordeal from the fall and decided to cut the run short and make a doctor appointment just to be safe. 

Hot, Humid running views

Hot, Humid running views

That said, this was a great run. I was flying and had no idea. I clocked 3 miles at an 8:13 pace in 78 degrees and 100% humidity and it felt much easier than I'd expect from that pace. I suppose my speed is coming back. Maybe that runner will show up to a race someday.

I also skipped F45 on Tuesday afternoon because I wasn't feeling great.


Since I cut my run short on Tuesday, I wanted to make up the miles so I got out for an easy 3. I don't have much to say beyond that. It was what it was.


That discomfort from Tuesday came roaring back in the form of a full blown infection on Thursday. Fun. I did still get in a run 4 mile run and it wasn't too bad, although I wasn't feeling wonderful.


It was rainy and stormy, so water day wasn't really happening on Friday. I also had to get some work done before heading out for the day/night to Sunset Beach, NC for the Run Sunset Beach 5K and 1 Miler, so I skipped my Friday workout. Not ideal, but life happens.

The weather wasn't awesome in Sunset beach, but we did get out on the beach for a little on friday evening

The weather wasn't awesome in Sunset beach, but we did get out on the beach for a little on friday evening


Saturday morning we woke up in Sunset Beach to sideways torrential downpours and crazy winds. Just the kind of weather you want for a race, right? And one that is mostly on a bridge, no less! But I ran it (recap and more pictures coming later) and it wasn't too bad.

Like my last race, I only ran it rather than racing it, especially considering the horrendous weather and my health issue. I ended up 3rd (out of 53) in my age group, even though I felt like I was running like a turtle on those hills. I know the weather played a factor in it as well. Looking back over the past few years' results, this year's overall were generally slower (including the top results). I guess I wasn't the only one affected by weather. 

No big deal, just running up and over that bridge twice in a monsoon

No big deal, just running up and over that bridge twice in a monsoon

After the 5K, we also did the 1-mile fun run, and my little runner boy ran the whole thing! He did not want to stop. And of course, I was so proud of the little guy. 


We were back from Sunset Beach and back to the grind. I was feeling okay (maybe the antibiotics are actually working this time?), and ran 7 miles in the humidity. I think I was just as wet with sweat from humidity as I was from rain the day before. 

Shrimp roll and a bloody mary for brunch

Shrimp roll and a bloody mary for brunch

Post-long run on Sunday, I headed to brunch at Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan's Island with a group of friends (including Amy, aka The Tiny Terror). Brunch is always a good idea. 

So that's it. Another week of attempting to move forward in spite of setbacks. 

How was your week? Have you ever raced in sideways rain and wind?


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