2018: Mid-Year Review

2018 Mid-Year Review Into the Glimmer

So it's August (what? how???). I thought I'd post a mid-year review of how things are going over here in my little corner of the coast. I'm late, I realize this. It's August. And by August, it might as well be Christmas because these last few months of the year just fly by so fast.

So anyway, I didn't really proclaim any annual goals here on the blog. I have them, of course, but I started the year off so poorly (I was literally stuck on my couch and couldn't stand up straight) that I wasn't in the mood for any kind of goal planning, especially when talking about running or fitness. 

So how am I doing (more than) halfway through? 

Good. I'm good. I'm chugging along. I'm healthy. It's August.

So, Here's what's happened so far this year:


january snowstorm in charleston

I started off the year with a terrible pain in the butt. Literally. I had piriformis syndrome and it was so painful and took me out of the running game for weeks. 

We also had the snowstorm of the century here in Charleston the first few days of the month.

We moved into our new house!

My sweet Meadow also started going downhill really quickly and I spent several weeks taking her to the vet on a daily basis. 


My month started off with saying goodbye to Meadow. She passed away on February 2, 2018 after fighting the good fight. Her little furry body just couldn't take it anymore. When she left, she took a piece of my heart along with her. I miss her every single day, and always will. 

meadow beagle at the beach in her stroller

I let go of some of the stuff that was weighing me down and keeping me from pursuing things I really wanted to be doing.

But, February was also the month that I was able to get out and start running pain-free again


Atlantis Resort Bahamas

I got a little bit of a break from the craziness of life with a trip to the Bahamas in the beginning of the month. 

Other than that, I just continued my running rebuild. And winter just wouldn't let go!


Laguna Beach, California

I ran my first race of the year at the Run for Adela 5K beach run, which I still haven't recapped. It went well, but I was still not in racing condition so I just ran it to see what happened. 

I also officially rebooted my training and started planning my fall races (they've since changed a bit, but I'm still generally on track). 

I went on a work trip to Laguna Beach, California. Not too bad of a place to have to visit for work every once in a while, that's for sure!


After a race

Race number 2 for the year in May at the Run Sunset Beach 5K (also still awaiting a full recap). The weather was nuts - sideways, torrential rain and wind, but I had so much fun running the 1-miler with B. Little dude ran the whole thing!


B at the beach in the Outer Banks

Vacation time! We kicked off the month by heading to the Outerbanks with some friends to spend a week at the beach. (Recap/pictures still pending!)

Ruby Skye Beagle

As much as I loved our vacation, the highlight of June was definitely sweet Ruby Skye Beagle coming to live with us. I've missed my Meadow so much, and I think Meadow sent Ruby to help me heal. I'll never, ever stop missing Meadow and no dog will ever replace her, but little Ruby has made life much brighter (just like Macy made life brighter after we lost Stella Blue).  

4th birthday cookie cake

Another highlight of June was little dude's 4th birthday. I can't believe I have a 4-year-old. Where do the years go? 

And that brings us to... 


In the past month or so, I've picked up several successes. Here are a few:

  • I started a formal jewelry design education online, and I'm hoping to restart my jewelry adventure
  • I bought myself a new DSLR camera and took some pictures of homeless pets (and now I'm considering in enrolling in a formal photography education program online, too - I'm crazy, I know)
  • I picked up some freelance clients in spaces that I really enjoy
  • I signed onto a new company as a freelance UX and career mentor (still working on launching my own site for that)
  • I did some small things, like updating my main website to bring it in line with all of the things I do and set the stage for the future
  • I redesigned this blog/website to bring it more in line with my longer term goals
  • I got a promotion at the day job
  • I experienced my first Escape Room and escaped!

So I guess July was kind of a good month. 

As for the remainder of the year

I kick off August with a birthday. We're heading into the busiest time of year. Like I said, it's basically Christmas now.

We have a trip back home to Lancaster planned for August, and then weekend trips every month afterwards through December. And once October hits, we have visitors coming to our house every month, too. Busy but exciting times ahead!

I'm already preparing for Halloween because my son wants to be a blue Spinosaurus. I made him a dinosaur custom last year, so I'm just planning on tweaking that pattern. And of course, we have to get our yard all decked out, too. 

With running and racing, I'm still waiting for that racing PR breakthrough, but given my regular runs (especially in this lovely soupy weather), I think those are coming in the back half of they year. I have several half marathons on the schedule for the last few months of the year. I'm hoping at least one them holds a PR crushing experience. 

How has 2018 been for you so far? Did you blink and miss half of it like I feel like I did?